Just wrote to the NRA

Let us see if it does any good:

Your continued pestering me for money via telephone and email, especially telephone WHEN I HAVE REQUESTED THAT YOU NOT CALL ME, is becoming offensive.

I support the NRA mission. Further I support your education programs, working as an unpaid certified instructor to educate people on firearm safety and use.

BUT IF YOU CANNOT CONTROL YOUR FUNDRAISINGS (especially ILA),  I will CEASE to be an NRA member or supporter.
Enough is enough. You get my support, but STOP ASKING ME FOR MONEY TIME AFTER TIME. You are PISSING ME OFF.

Godammit, leave me alone

2nds call this week: one to my cell phone (how in the hell did they get that? They asked for me by NAME!) in the middle of the day, and now one in the evening at my home….I have requested that they STOP pestering me for money (and I talked to a real live person that time).

The mass mailing probably cost tens of dollars every year, the telephone calls through some third party fundraisers can’t be cheap (and hey, folks, at least try to get they dude making the call to be able to read the script well enough to sound as if he wasn’t reading in front of the class in say…third grade) and the cheap gifts made in China aren’t gonna get a you plugged nickle, and are going to make me choose not to be a member very very soon.

And my range requires that I be an NRA member….

Anyone know anyone at the NRA who can make this stop?

3 thoughts on “Just wrote to the NRA

  1. This is why the NRA has a vested interest in not defeating anti gun forces. Without them, they go back to being a mere shadow of what they are today.
    They need the threat of a villain to inflame the membership into donating money.

  2. The only thing that stops a annoying lobbying group from fundraising is a member sending an angry letter.


  3. I've been a member for years and they only send me an occasional mailing. I canceled the magazine because I didn't want nosey mailmen knowing my business. I just want them to fight for my 2nd Amendment rights I don't want the magazines, discounts to rent-a-car places, or commemorative ink pens.

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