Civil liberties

slide down the slippery slope into oblivion.

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Scary. Glad I don’t live in FLA.

But it is the pointy end of the wedge to it happening everywhere.

I guess that the copies of the Constitution don’t have the fourth amendment in them in Florida….(“no warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause”)…

They know what is best for us, and the Constitution be damned.

I got a rifle fer Christmas

Well, sorta.

It’s a kit…..a “do it yerself”. Midwest Chick bought it for me for Christmas!

Actually, just what I wanted.

.50 cal…… Flintlock….. Charcoal burner.

Gonna take a LOT of work polishing the metalwork….and then the roughed out stock is gonna take even more.

I figure 3 months of evenings…..

(the first 90% of the project takes 90% of the time, the last 10% takes the other 90% of the time…..)

So far, I have cleaned up all the burrs on the barrel cutouts and have polished with 600 grit and started on the 1000 grit paper….The barrel is cleaning up nicely. Og has offered to blue the metalwork when I am done, and I may take him up on that, but I may choose to brown it too. I have lots of time to think about that and decide before I am done with the deburring and polishing….Suggestions?

WTF are you doing?

It is Christmas Day. Spend time with loved ones, or be thankful.

Merry Christmas to you all. 

For those of you who do not celebrate Christmas, or whatever, I won’t say “Happy Holidays”….

And the cracks in the facade widen.

“Clinging to the Euro will only prolong the agony.”

Seems that the Germans are getting tired of bailing out the more…..Socialist countries.

And when they can’t control the spending of those same countries, they are getting pissed.

I give it 2 years tops until the Deutschemark is used again. And shortly after, the Euro becomes worth less than the paper upon which it is printed……

Read part two as well.

Now if we could only break some of the more socialist states here in the US away from the Dollar…….

Big Brudder

He be watchin’ ya.

And nyone (or at least any LEO) can get in on the party. For, apparently, any reason.

Tea party? Yer likely on it.
Reading this blog? Might be suspicious.
Gun owner? You betcha.

yer all a buch of dangerous (potential) terrorists. We are all in good company.

Come and get me, boys.

Jesus, this is true…

If you don’t believe me, spend time watching folks at a gun show. So many weekend commandos that it is laughable. And a lot of people make a lot of money selling a lot of shit to these same weekend commandos…who have no idea what to do with the stuff they just bought. But they think that they are ready.

Look: I think we all should prepare for TSHTF (to an extent), and we all should have mastered the firearms which we own. I don’t practice enough ….in conditions that are not sunny, warm, and comfy. I too need to find a better, longer range. I too spend too little on ammo. Life does get in the way of my shooting…..But I do use the tools I have, and have acquired the knowledge that I have though a lot of work, and never thought I could buy skills and knowledge. I know and understand that these things require work and practice. And I really don’t care what the SEALS use. Their goals and requirements are different than mine.

But seriously. THIS is what so many conversations are like. This is so true to form for so may people. They think that they can buy the skills and the knowledge. And sadly, you can’t. Skills have to be learned and then kept up. Shooting skills have a shelf life if not refreshed often. Survival knowledge can’t be learned from a movie. And what works on your AO may not work in mine and vice versa.

$300 to $500 for an all purpose rifle….. CQB through home defense through 1K yds shooting. All are different tasks, and each task requires a different tool to do it well. Compromise means that your tool will do nothing well. Pick the tool for the job and learn to use it.

And those people with the 1000’s of lbs of supplies for the radioactive mutant slobbering zombie apocalypse…….I always ask people….how are you gonna carry all that SHTF stuff? 1000 rounds of ammo is HEAVY,  and so is 90 days worth of food…and you’ll need a car/truck (or mules) for that and all the rest…..

When people ask me what is the best rifle, I too suggest that they start with a .22 so that they can practice…. FIRST. Then save their money for a decent suite of rifles. Your equipment can’t give you skills. Only practice can. Better equipment can make you better, but a skilled marksman can make do with lesser equipment, and he will likely be better than the newbie with zero practice and a $10k rifle. And all the money spent on a rifle (or pistol or any other tool) is wasted if you don’t practice.

Seriously, watch the two videos. It’s an eye opener (or should be) for many folks, and a good laugh for the rest of us. I almost spit my coffee on the keyboard.