I got a rifle fer Christmas

Well, sorta.

It’s a kit…..a “do it yerself”. Midwest Chick bought it for me for Christmas!

Actually, just what I wanted.

.50 cal…… Flintlock….. Charcoal burner.

Gonna take a LOT of work polishing the metalwork….and then the roughed out stock is gonna take even more.

I figure 3 months of evenings…..

(the first 90% of the project takes 90% of the time, the last 10% takes the other 90% of the time…..)

So far, I have cleaned up all the burrs on the barrel cutouts and have polished with 600 grit and started on the 1000 grit paper….The barrel is cleaning up nicely. Og has offered to blue the metalwork when I am done, and I may take him up on that, but I may choose to brown it too. I have lots of time to think about that and decide before I am done with the deburring and polishing….Suggestions?

8 thoughts on “I got a rifle fer Christmas

  1. Very nice, a very nice piece4 of wood.

    The only suggestion I have is be careful not to round off the corners of the wood OR the metal. Kit rifles tend to look like kit rifles if they have been sanded until all the sharp edges are gone. There are jigs and etc. you can make to prevent that happening, which you'll figure out plenty soon.

  2. Most of those old guns were browned.
    I used a formula from a bottle on my 'Trapper' model front-suffer.
    You'll also find out the a judicious use of a Dremmel (for fitting parts) is your friend.

  3. That is a nice kit, where did midwest Girl get it from?

    I thank you for your time


  4. I messed up the name, I meant Midwest Chick, My apologies…

  5. I got it through Impact Guns: http://www.impactguns.com (thanks to the indomitable Og for locating it). They were great and the shipping was lightning fast.

    One of their folks even went down to the dock to see if it had shipped out or not since the shipping guy wasn't in when I called.

  6. And no worries on the name… 🙂 BTW, congrats on your new blog MrG! Look forward to reading some good things.

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