Funny how that works

THe Media (and the popo) are fairly restricted in using race as a descriptor…I.E. They can’t use “Black” when describing a suspect…(“white” or “asian” is OK though)..because describing criminals or suspected criminals as Black is somehow racist……(apparently it makes African American’t look bad or something)

Today, however, my phone went off, followed by a notice on the TV, that there was an Amber alert for a young Black child who had been abducted….I am glad that they were able to actually muster the gumption to use the word….and I hope that it helps the child to be located and returned to his home.

But if the descriptor is valid when describing an abducted child, it should also be valid when describing a suspect…..(like the one in the post below, where none of the descriptors in the news stories used the term “black” to describe the man who beat the Asian lady).

But that would, of course, be racist…


Must be driving the Leftists crazy

So some dude attacked an elderly asian woman in New York…which fits the current meme of “Asian Hate”.


But the guy was, likely African American (from the photos), …but they can’t admit that, and instead are ignoring the fact….”Help us identify this unkown man who we won’t give a description of…..”

Plus, of course, the “Security Personnel” in the hotel who watched it happen….also of African descent. Those folks ignored the attack, and further ignored the woman laying injured in the street and, in fact, locked the doors.

All the “Asian Hate”….perpetrated (in this and most other incidents) by African Americans….It must chap the ass of those who have been telling us how gentle and non-violent our African American Brothers and Sisters are…I think they are hoping that no one will point out that most of the problem isn’t whites….



But no Christianity in schools!

Yet Aztec Gods are ok…even their worship is ok….Not THEORY…Not History, but Worship.


Funny how those double standards happen, innit?


ETA: Look, I am all for keeping “religion” out of schools, if that is what the populace wants…..but then keep it ALL out of schools, or keep none. The whole argument was to prevent the Government from giving preference (or mandating) a religion. So either allow all, or none. Stop the double standards.

Do these Black Lives Matter?

Total trash. Killed a man while stealing his car….and simply didn’t care.

What about the Pakistani mans life?  Did Mr. Anwar’s life matter to him and his family? Or is it only Black Lives that Matter?

Criminals. Thieves. Killers. And these were CHILDREN…13 and 15 years old. More and more often these carjackings are (almost always) young BLACK children. Nearly all cities (and coincidentally, Blue Enclaves) have the increasing carjacking issue….with one demographic fueling the increase.

If the Press and the TV and other Media would bring up the fact that these are Black criminals as much as they brought up the fact that it was White cops that killed black criminals last year to fuel the BLM movment, then maybe there would be some outcry to stop this growth in Criminals….

But they won’t. But people are seeing the truth, if slowly.

I fear the consquences for good people when the backlash happens. .


And all of a sudden, it is forgotten…

I guess that they really don’t matter all that much….

So all last year, especailly in the summer, the Formula 1 drivers, cars, helmets, steering wheels, etc all had “Black Lives Matter” slogans festooned all over. “Inclusiveness” was the word of the day…

We even heard from the only “black” champion of Formula 1, Louis Hamilton (who lived a life growing up SO downtrodden) about how black people are given no chances in International Racing…..

Yet the race today, in Bahrain, had no such banners…not on the cars, the drivers, nowhere….thre was nothing to be seen.

Odd how the problem suddenly ceased to be important so quickly, innt? One almost might think that the movement was simply something to keep people riled up for a reason….and now that the reason has ended, those people and the cause no longer matter…..not needed for another 3 years or so….

I find it telling how quckly the Social Justice Warrior types lose interest and find another cause to agitate for….




So a guy decides to take his wife of two years to Africa on a luxury wildlife viewing safari…..He’s trying to be romatic and take her places so they can experience things together.

He’s not happy when she wheedles and whines to take her mother along, as he thinks the mother in law is a Battleaxe,  but she wears him down, and so the three of them fly to Nairobi and start their Safari.

Day two of the safari, and in the evening, camped by a beautiful river in a gorgeous campsite with beautiful views, after a delicious dinner, his wife goes to visit the Mother in Law at her tent.

She return a few minutes later in a panic “Mom’s not in her tent!”

The whole camp is roused and they begin searching .

Suddenly, they hear a roar and a woman shouting, and everyone runs towards the sound. Flashlights and torchligh reveal the Mother in Law, facing off with a large male lion in what appears to be a standoff.

“Do something!” his bride cries.

“Nope”, says the man. “That lion got himself into this mess, let him get himself out”.