Funny how that works

THe Media (and the popo) are fairly restricted in using race as a descriptor…I.E. They can’t use “Black” when describing a suspect…(“white” or “asian” is OK though)..because describing criminals or suspected criminals as Black is somehow racist……(apparently it makes African American’t look bad or something)

Today, however, my phone went off, followed by a notice on the TV, that there was an Amber alert for a young Black child who had been abducted….I am glad that they were able to actually muster the gumption to use the word….and I hope that it helps the child to be located and returned to his home.

But if the descriptor is valid when describing an abducted child, it should also be valid when describing a suspect…..(like the one in the post below, where none of the descriptors in the news stories used the term “black” to describe the man who beat the Asian lady).

But that would, of course, be racist…


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