Must be driving the Leftists crazy

So some dude attacked an elderly asian woman in New York…which fits the current meme of “Asian Hate”.


But the guy was, likely African American (from the photos), …but they can’t admit that, and instead are ignoring the fact….”Help us identify this unkown man who we won’t give a description of…..”

Plus, of course, the “Security Personnel” in the hotel who watched it happen….also of African descent. Those folks ignored the attack, and further ignored the woman laying injured in the street and, in fact, locked the doors.

All the “Asian Hate”….perpetrated (in this and most other incidents) by African Americans….It must chap the ass of those who have been telling us how gentle and non-violent our African American Brothers and Sisters are…I think they are hoping that no one will point out that most of the problem isn’t whites….



2 thoughts on “Must be driving the Leftists crazy

  1. SHe was an older woman walking down the street.
    And it was an African Americna man who beat her up.

    You comment is inappropriate.

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