we need a list.

Of “bad” words so we can overwhelm the system that is watching us.

Eventually there will be enough processing power that we cannot overwhelm it, but until then, we can make it hard.

AMFO (and Ammonium Nitrate)

Anyone want to add to the list? please, do so in comments.Lets get a BIG list for the Son of Echelon to chew on..

I think, just for testing purposes, I’ll start out each cell phone conversation with one or more of these words for the near future. Just to help them test the system, ya know.

I wonder if we can do that in Indiana?

Seems that Montana citizens are launching a recall of their senators who voted for the NDAA.

I kind of like the idea. It’s legal, which voting from the rooftops isn’t. (although the latter might be a more effective deterrant to future un-Constitutional votes).

I gotta go do some research here and see if we have recall provisions in our state Constitution.

Ammo is expensive

Some pigs are more equal

While the DOD doesn’t allow yarmulkes or other religious headgear or other dress, they are bowing to the fundamentalist Muslims (again).

Look: I really don’t care what your religion says. When you become a member of an army (any army) or other military organization, you lose your individuality, your rights, and your identity. You become part of the team, a cog in the machine, and you wear the approved UNIform. (uni=one) form. One form. One look. One set of dress rules.

Not so, now the DOD has bowed to pressure. And again, has made 2 sets of rules. One for Muslims, and another for every one not-a-muslim.

Were this a draftee military, there might be a bit understanding. But she volunteered to be a cadet. Chose to join. Volunteered.

CAIR is destroying whatever they touch. And, I think, hurting Muslims in the long run. By their actions, they de-legitimize (in the eyes of many other folks) the religious rules which Muslims live under. And they resist the assimilation process. Many Muslims bring good things to this country. They are the latest wave of strong, hard working would-be citizens who came to this country to make a better life for themselves and their families. Yet CAIR and other such organizations de-legitimizes them. 


What HE said.

Now if we could just get the progressives to understand.

And care.

Before we have to do something drastic to stop them. And permanent.

WTF are you doing?

Reading blogs on Christmas morning?

Shut off the computer and be Christmas-ey.

Be with family or friends.

And Merry CHRISTmas!

(or other appropriate semi religious holiday celebrated more or less around the winter solstice)

Today, I learned

that it is possible to stand a Kubota 3540 tractor on one front wheel when the loader is properly filled.

And that it will pivot when you turn the wheeel. 

Now I have to order a new seat.


They shouldn’t be the same.

Police are supposed to be peace officers. To “protect and serve”. Soldiers are warriors.

But they are becoming harder and harder to tell apart.

If they think they need all of this equipment to be police, what does that say about what they think about the population which they”serve”?


For shoes.

One wonders how many of these eager people are in the 47% that the government says need pay no taxes because they are living in “poverty”…Yet they can afford a $200 pair of shoes.

And look at their behavior: These scenes were repeated all across the country..(you gotta wait for the commercial though)


Just think what their behavior is gonna be like when they are HUNGRY. And cold. And you aren’t.

You think the doors on your home are gonna fare any better? And yes, there is definitely an ethnic/socioeconomic component to the crowds. Likely these folks don’t have jobs either, if they can be where they were when they were there to get the shoes. Likely living off of “entitlements”. But they can shell out the big bucks for fancy shoes. Even though the gubmint thinks they need more money from you to help these folks. 

Think what’s gonna happen when the free stuff disappears and the police aren’t able to help you. When their children are hungry and the cities are unlivable. When the crowds discover that you have what they want and there is no one to stop them from taking it.

Whatcha gonna do then?

Crowds like these folks will change your liberal attitude, I assure you.

Republican fold

Once again. So all the bad press, and all the posturing was for naught.

What did they gain?

And how much did they lose by doing it?

Just once I’d like to see the Republicans decide to do something, and damned well make it happen. Stand their ground, be strong, and be principled.  Not bow to pressure from the opposition, and not become afraid of what the DNC media says. I’d really like to see them have balls.

Oh, and Mr. Barry: If you really believe that having more money on the hands of citizens proles taxpayers, then why not REALLY cut in taxes. Say, 20%?

I really think that if a large Nickle-Iron meteorite were to hit Washington DC, the only thing I would mourn would be the loss of the monuments and the Smithsonian.But I’d trade them for the clean house in our government.

Now if only I could find one headed in the right direction…