Republican fold

Once again. So all the bad press, and all the posturing was for naught.

What did they gain?

And how much did they lose by doing it?

Just once I’d like to see the Republicans decide to do something, and damned well make it happen. Stand their ground, be strong, and be principled.  Not bow to pressure from the opposition, and not become afraid of what the DNC media says. I’d really like to see them have balls.

Oh, and Mr. Barry: If you really believe that having more money on the hands of citizens proles taxpayers, then why not REALLY cut in taxes. Say, 20%?

I really think that if a large Nickle-Iron meteorite were to hit Washington DC, the only thing I would mourn would be the loss of the monuments and the Smithsonian.But I’d trade them for the clean house in our government.

Now if only I could find one headed in the right direction…

4 thoughts on “Republican fold

  1. You know, I've often wondered why the attackers chose to do virtually no damage on 9/11/01. Destroying 2 public buildings and attempting to destroy a government building didn't amount to much in the grand scheme of things.

    I would think they'd have hit the Capitol during the State of the Union address (ala Clancy). But then I realized that they could do far more damage by letting Congress continue to screw us.

  2. It is unfortunate, but the G.O.P. was in a bad spot. If they would have killed unemployment benefits the week before Christmas, it would have been disastrous coverage from the MSM and a big hit among undecided voters. It sucks, but Barry got his way.

  3. But the GOP always ends up in a bad spot. And they always have to cave in order to "do the right thing". And they always end up looking bad.

    And that is their fault.

  4. Mmmm. Nickle Iron. Imagine the knives you could make out of the refuse. We could call them "Liberty blades"

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