For shoes.

One wonders how many of these eager people are in the 47% that the government says need pay no taxes because they are living in “poverty”…Yet they can afford a $200 pair of shoes.

And look at their behavior: These scenes were repeated all across the country..(you gotta wait for the commercial though)


Just think what their behavior is gonna be like when they are HUNGRY. And cold. And you aren’t.

You think the doors on your home are gonna fare any better? And yes, there is definitely an ethnic/socioeconomic component to the crowds. Likely these folks don’t have jobs either, if they can be where they were when they were there to get the shoes. Likely living off of “entitlements”. But they can shell out the big bucks for fancy shoes. Even though the gubmint thinks they need more money from you to help these folks. 

Think what’s gonna happen when the free stuff disappears and the police aren’t able to help you. When their children are hungry and the cities are unlivable. When the crowds discover that you have what they want and there is no one to stop them from taking it.

Whatcha gonna do then?

Crowds like these folks will change your liberal attitude, I assure you.

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  1. But I do have enough for a sizable honor guard. And the will and training.

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