Some pigs are more equal

While the DOD doesn’t allow yarmulkes or other religious headgear or other dress, they are bowing to the fundamentalist Muslims (again).

Look: I really don’t care what your religion says. When you become a member of an army (any army) or other military organization, you lose your individuality, your rights, and your identity. You become part of the team, a cog in the machine, and you wear the approved UNIform. (uni=one) form. One form. One look. One set of dress rules.

Not so, now the DOD has bowed to pressure. And again, has made 2 sets of rules. One for Muslims, and another for every one not-a-muslim.

Were this a draftee military, there might be a bit understanding. But she volunteered to be a cadet. Chose to join. Volunteered.

CAIR is destroying whatever they touch. And, I think, hurting Muslims in the long run. By their actions, they de-legitimize (in the eyes of many other folks) the religious rules which Muslims live under. And they resist the assimilation process. Many Muslims bring good things to this country. They are the latest wave of strong, hard working would-be citizens who came to this country to make a better life for themselves and their families. Yet CAIR and other such organizations de-legitimizes them. 

3 thoughts on “Some pigs are more equal

  1. It seems that Christains are becoming second rate citizens, having to apologize for showing out faith with crosses and nativaty scenes. The Atheists call for the removal of cross from veteran cemeteries, where are they on this issue? Not to be heard from I am sure. If you join a group then you should be willing to play by their rules.

  2. Interesting reading, Tam

    I hadn't known that.

    From your link:

    4(b) Do not replace or interfere with the proper wearing of any authorized article of the uniform


    5. A yarmulke may also be worn underneath military headgear as long as it does not interfere with the proper wearing, functioning, or appearance of the prescribed headgear.


    7 (c). Interfere with the wearing or proper functioning of special or protective clothing or equipment (e.g., helmets, flack jackets, flight suits, camouflaged uniforms, gas masks, wet suits, and crash and rescue equipment).

    All of which affect this decision. And the referred headgear will be an issue in sec 7(c) and 4(b)

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