Start Now.

It would seem to me that, with the current dissatisfaction of Obamacare and the rates and conditions that have become onerous to many, and are, in fact, becoming ever more onerous as we learn more about things), that NOW is the time for the GOP to begin their campaign to show how this is, nearly 100 percent, a Democratic creation and mess. Have spots all over the media showing that we were LIED to by our leaders.

Point out that “everyone” (especially these 13!) knew that the statement by Barry and his sycophants that “if you like you plan you can keep it” and “the average person will save $2500 yearly” was a LIE……and each and every one of them knew it. And that they kept saying it to support the socialist (and yes, use that word) agenda of their Party.

They knew that the statements were untrue, and that they were lying to the American people……Just so they could shove a socialist program down the throats (or, more appropriately, up the asses) of the productive citizens of this country.

Show that they lied. Show that the statements uttered by the mouthpieces of Barry and especially the leaders of the DNC and Democratic Party in the House and Senate were lies….and that they KNEW that they were lies. That they knew that they were lying to their supporters and constituents.

Start now, and pound that message home. Over and over and over. Show the opposition supporting and stating those lies. Show them lying to the American public. Spend the money now to set the stage for later.

And show also that the carve-outs for unions and other special interest groups give them a financial advantage. Show that they made grand exemptions for their greatest supporters. Show that they have exempted DNC supporters from the law that they expect everyone else to obey……

It’s not that I want the RNC and their people in charge. I dream that the the entire lot of them (D and R) expire in a Tom Clancy like incident……(just kidding) and have the country start over with new lowlifes in office. Not that I would ever advocate for such a thing (I like the Capitol too much to want that to happen)…

Failing that,, however, I’d like the lesser of the two evils to have the power.

And they can do it, if they use this wisely. IF they start now. Battlespace preparation and all that.

But they won’t.


Years ago, I tried an SOG Twitch XL. I liked the Tanto style, and have carried them for years. For someone who does maintenance, they are great…one hand open, one hand closed. Great for people who often need to strip a wire or scrape a gasket and such in confined areas or who needs the other hand to hold something else while using the knife.

Notice I said “them”. That is because, no matter who the maker is, I damage a knife at least every 4 months ago. I USE them…for me, a knife like this is a tool, not a weapon. (at least as it’s primary purpose….After all, a frying pan or a golf club or even an old Western Electric phone can be used as a weapon in a pinch, but that is not their normal, everyday use…).

So far, this year, I have broken 2. One of them was (possibly) abuse….using it for something for which it wasn’t designed….The other was a broken spring.

SOG has a “no questions repair or replace” policy, and thus far has always honored it. They never give me any hassle as long as there are no obvious signs of abuse. They just fix the knife and ship it back to me at their cost. I’ve never sent them a knife with a broken blade, so I am not sure how they’d handle that.

Now, I am sure that many of you are going to tell me that “brand XXXX” is better and won’t break. Maybe you are right, but I haven’t found this to be true. Cheap, expensive, it doesn’t seem to matter to me, they all break in the type of use I have them for. This isn’t a post about the relative merits and durability of one brand of knife over another. I’ve tried many, and none hold up to me and the work I do with them.

What the point of this post IS about is a company that honors it’s warranties….and provides good customer service. And SOG does that. And does it well. Generally their turnaround time is about 10-12 days, from me dropping off the item at my post office to me getting a box back with the repaired knives inside. The knives are sharpened and ready to use.

And, really, you can’t ask for more than that.

Under seige….again

Last time it was 2000 Mexicans under the command of Generalissimo Lopez de Santa Anna. The defenders there may have lost the war, but they succeeded in winning the battle……

Today, 177 years later, it is the UN…and the liberals in our own government.

Seems that the UN wants to control the Alamo and other Spanish missions in San Antonio as “World Heritage Sites”. 

I think the real Texans would object. Hell, I object, and I am only a Texan by ancestry (also a Mexican by ancestry, but still….) and the blue flag of the UN might suffer repeated (and violent) mischief.I think I could be convinced to help with that sort of thing….

If the Obama Administration doesn’t tell the UN to go pound sand then that will be yet another small trickle in the coming landslide that will end in Revolution…At the least, it will help move the Republic of Texas towards withdrawing from the US….As is their right in the documents signed when they joined the Union of States.

If they did that, then I think I’d move there.

I guess that I missed a memo or something…..

Isn’t the original task of the National Security Agency SUPPOSED to be spying on other governments?
Tapping their phones, reading their emails, bugging their apartments….all that sort of stuff. That is the original mission….Innit? When did that change…Did I miss the memo???

AFAIK, there was nothing in the original mission of the NSA about spying on US citizens inside the borders of this country..

So there is outrage! over the fact that someone was listening in on other countries leaders cell phone conversations….Like anyone with half a brain couldn’t expect that….

But there is nothing in the press about the outrage that the NSA is spying on US citizens constantly….and without a warrant (except from the sooper-seekret rubber-stamp FISA court that no one ever gets to review).

Protip: Never say anything on any phone…wired or not, that you would be embarrassed by (or go to jail over) if the wrong person heard it. Never write anything in an email (or snail mail, for that matter) that would be bad for you if the wrong person (or government agency) found out about it.

Anything else is just fooling yourself.

adjust your tinfoil yarmulke….

So you may have read on these pages my suspicion as to why we have never seen any of the video surveillance from the state of the art video systems installed inside and outside the Sandy Hook Elementary school. Not a single second of the video…not even any shots of Adam Lanza approaching the entry…not of him in the halls….Not a single still either. It isn’t like any pictures are going to harm the case against Adam, either….

And now, it seems that the State and the Town are demolishing the school..Which is understandable, sorta.

Bu the company and the workers actually doing the demolition work are subject to a complete Non-Disclosure order.

Odd that all this secrecy exists for a mass murderer.

Sometimes a Range Day means you don’t shoot much

But you can still have fun.

Spent last Sunday afternoon at the range. And I brought a boatload of firearms with me…

But I think I only shot about 30 rounds total.

However, we fired over 700 rounds downrange.

See, my nephew brought his uncle with him from upstate Illinois to turn money into smoke and noise.

They (and I) spent over 4 hours punching holes in paper

and aiding in the demise of several hundred bowling pins from 50 yards away.

They had fun. My nephew fine tuned his technique for rifle and pistol, and his Dad just fed rounds through my Marlin lever action .22.

Sometimes a satisfying day at the range can be had without shooting much.

“If you like your plan you can keep it”

Except that, for most people, that turns out to not be true.

Sheep People are learning that the “Affordable Care Act” sacrifices the affordability of existing plans in order to subsidize insurance for those who didn’t have any because they didn’t or couldn’t pay for it to or subsidize someone with a pre-existing condition.

And most plans have become more expensive because they have to cover additional ailments in order to meet the new regulations of Obamacare.

So if you liked your existing plan, you likely are going to have to change to a more expensive one in order to help pay for someone else….

In other words, Barry lied.