I guess that I missed a memo or something…..

Isn’t the original task of the National Security Agency SUPPOSED to be spying on other governments?
Tapping their phones, reading their emails, bugging their apartments….all that sort of stuff. That is the original mission….Innit? When did that change…Did I miss the memo???

AFAIK, there was nothing in the original mission of the NSA about spying on US citizens inside the borders of this country..

So there is outrage! over the fact that someone was listening in on other countries leaders cell phone conversations….Like anyone with half a brain couldn’t expect that….

But there is nothing in the press about the outrage that the NSA is spying on US citizens constantly….and without a warrant (except from the sooper-seekret rubber-stamp FISA court that no one ever gets to review).

Protip: Never say anything on any phone…wired or not, that you would be embarrassed by (or go to jail over) if the wrong person heard it. Never write anything in an email (or snail mail, for that matter) that would be bad for you if the wrong person (or government agency) found out about it.

Anything else is just fooling yourself.

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