Under seige….again

Last time it was 2000 Mexicans under the command of Generalissimo Lopez de Santa Anna. The defenders there may have lost the war, but they succeeded in winning the battle……

Today, 177 years later, it is the UN…and the liberals in our own government.

Seems that the UN wants to control the Alamo and other Spanish missions in San Antonio as “World Heritage Sites”. 

I think the real Texans would object. Hell, I object, and I am only a Texan by ancestry (also a Mexican by ancestry, but still….) and the blue flag of the UN might suffer repeated (and violent) mischief.I think I could be convinced to help with that sort of thing….

If the Obama Administration doesn’t tell the UN to go pound sand then that will be yet another small trickle in the coming landslide that will end in Revolution…At the least, it will help move the Republic of Texas towards withdrawing from the US….As is their right in the documents signed when they joined the Union of States.

If they did that, then I think I’d move there.

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