Years ago, I tried an SOG Twitch XL. I liked the Tanto style, and have carried them for years. For someone who does maintenance, they are great…one hand open, one hand closed. Great for people who often need to strip a wire or scrape a gasket and such in confined areas or who needs the other hand to hold something else while using the knife.

Notice I said “them”. That is because, no matter who the maker is, I damage a knife at least every 4 months ago. I USE them…for me, a knife like this is a tool, not a weapon. (at least as it’s primary purpose….After all, a frying pan or a golf club or even an old Western Electric phone can be used as a weapon in a pinch, but that is not their normal, everyday use…).

So far, this year, I have broken 2. One of them was (possibly) abuse….using it for something for which it wasn’t designed….The other was a broken spring.

SOG has a “no questions repair or replace” policy, and thus far has always honored it. They never give me any hassle as long as there are no obvious signs of abuse. They just fix the knife and ship it back to me at their cost. I’ve never sent them a knife with a broken blade, so I am not sure how they’d handle that.

Now, I am sure that many of you are going to tell me that “brand XXXX” is better and won’t break. Maybe you are right, but I haven’t found this to be true. Cheap, expensive, it doesn’t seem to matter to me, they all break in the type of use I have them for. This isn’t a post about the relative merits and durability of one brand of knife over another. I’ve tried many, and none hold up to me and the work I do with them.

What the point of this post IS about is a company that honors it’s warranties….and provides good customer service. And SOG does that. And does it well. Generally their turnaround time is about 10-12 days, from me dropping off the item at my post office to me getting a box back with the repaired knives inside. The knives are sharpened and ready to use.

And, really, you can’t ask for more than that.