Start Now.

It would seem to me that, with the current dissatisfaction of Obamacare and the rates and conditions that have become onerous to many, and are, in fact, becoming ever more onerous as we learn more about things), that NOW is the time for the GOP to begin their campaign to show how this is, nearly 100 percent, a Democratic creation and mess. Have spots all over the media showing that we were LIED to by our leaders.

Point out that “everyone” (especially these 13!) knew that the statement by Barry and his sycophants that “if you like you plan you can keep it” and “the average person will save $2500 yearly” was a LIE……and each and every one of them knew it. And that they kept saying it to support the socialist (and yes, use that word) agenda of their Party.

They knew that the statements were untrue, and that they were lying to the American people……Just so they could shove a socialist program down the throats (or, more appropriately, up the asses) of the productive citizens of this country.

Show that they lied. Show that the statements uttered by the mouthpieces of Barry and especially the leaders of the DNC and Democratic Party in the House and Senate were lies….and that they KNEW that they were lies. That they knew that they were lying to their supporters and constituents.

Start now, and pound that message home. Over and over and over. Show the opposition supporting and stating those lies. Show them lying to the American public. Spend the money now to set the stage for later.

And show also that the carve-outs for unions and other special interest groups give them a financial advantage. Show that they made grand exemptions for their greatest supporters. Show that they have exempted DNC supporters from the law that they expect everyone else to obey……

It’s not that I want the RNC and their people in charge. I dream that the the entire lot of them (D and R) expire in a Tom Clancy like incident……(just kidding) and have the country start over with new lowlifes in office. Not that I would ever advocate for such a thing (I like the Capitol too much to want that to happen)…

Failing that,, however, I’d like the lesser of the two evils to have the power.

And they can do it, if they use this wisely. IF they start now. Battlespace preparation and all that.

But they won’t.

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  1. Probably not… sigh… And didn't Nixon RESIGN over his lies???

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