Y’know….there area LOT of folks that were Anti-Gun that, once taken to a range and taught to shoot, have converted from an Anti-Gun stance to, if not Pro-Gun, at least accepting that GUNS are not the terrible things they thought they were.

Has anyone, ever, found a Pro-Gun person (or someone who was ambivalent on the subject) who, once exposed to firearms, and having the opportunity for a range session, has converted to Anti-Gun?

I’ve taught over a thousand folks in formal NRA classes, and thousands more in informal range sessions, and I’ve never encountered the latter scenario.

I’ve done my part as an ambassador, have you? 

One last step

As soon as the FAA gets the website back and running, I can do the forms neccessary so I can schedule my checkride.

While the  Independence Day Holiday may mess that up, It will be soon.

I only hope the Pilot Examiner dude isn’t too booked up.

More as things progress. 

Classy chick identified:

Democrats lately don’t seem to think they have to behave in any fashion….

Remember the woman who said “Fuck You Mr President”?

Class act, that one.

Seems she has been identified…As an intern in the office of Senator Maggie Hassan (D-NH)..

And the best part???
She will not be fired. She has, however been suspended and her badge revoked.
(I think, at first, they were gonna ignore the bad behavior, but then people found out about it so they had to do something).
If any of the Interns or staffers of any senators or congressmen act that way, no matter what their party, I would expect them to be fired immediately, even if they had done so to Barry Obama. There is such a thing as good behavior, and there is a line that one should not cross. 

It is interesting

That even the (very) liberal news media commentators and anchors are commenting on the latest wave of Liberal incivility towards Trump supporters and his workers and cabinet members.

While not “outraged” they all seem to be intelligent enough to realize that these current behaviors cross the line, and are moved to comment on it.

There is hope for the Media. 

Sense of entitlement:

Seems the (expected) incoming President of Mexico thinks that his citizens have every right to invade the US.

“It’s a Human Right!”
“And soon, very soon — after the victory of our movement — we will defend all the migrants in the American continent and all the migrants in the world, who, by necessity, have to leave their towns to find a life in the United States,” Obrador said, adding that it’s “a human right we will defend,” 

Wall. Congress: Wall. Now.

I find it interesting that, instead of expecting people to make their towns and cities better there in Mexico, it is somehow OK to bring them to the US, where they cause an increase in crime and lowering of community standards. So what Mexico is really doing is bringing it’s people here to colonize and bring the US down to Mexico’s level. Kinda Socialist, innit?

SO, 30 years on…..

It would seem that the Global Warming crowd was…..

READ about it HERE (WSJ…may be a paywall, hit reload and then ESC while it is loading))…it seems that thirty years on, their predictions were…..bad.

Of course, they just keep increasing the tidings of Doom in order to get even more funding….


Have ya ever noticed that almost all Liberals and most women are nearly never acknowledge their mistakes and pretty much NEVER apologize?

Even when their failure to do so is destructive to them and those around them?