It is interesting

That even the (very) liberal news media commentators and anchors are commenting on the latest wave of Liberal incivility towards Trump supporters and his workers and cabinet members.

While not “outraged” they all seem to be intelligent enough to realize that these current behaviors cross the line, and are moved to comment on it.

There is hope for the Media. 

7 thoughts on “It is interesting

  1. No, there's no hope for the media… The likes of Maxine Waters are just exposing the Left for what it truly is, and the media is just engine-braking the situation until someone can shut them up; what, with all the primaries going on, and all…

  2. Obama, 2008: "Don't tell me words don't matter."

    Except when said by Liberals, who then parse whatever they said and morph it into "that's not what I said."

    I don't know how they get away with this.

  3. Oh, I don't know about those blanket statements. From the "liberal" channels I peruse, the common theme is that we must be civil toward one another. Disagreement is one thing, but harassment is entirely different. We can get into a heated discussion with raised voices, but after all is said and done, we should all not be harassed for our beliefs.


  4. Nope, they are just hoping for a massacre, so they can yell about 'Nazis' on the right…

  5. Dale, that is my point. I am surprised, but gladdened, to see that even the Liberal Media is aware that civility needs to be upheld.

    The commentary on Maxine Waters and the idiot restaurant owner's action is heartening to hear. Even the liberals feel that things have gone too far…..Which is a great stride from where they have been earlier this year.

    It is good to see.

  6. Maxine Waters call for disturbing people of opposing views is wrong. However, the owner of the Red Hen, by Sanders own admission was a quiet conversation away from the guests that didn’t cause a disturbance. And I feel the owner’s behavior was just as legitimate as the baker that refused to bake the cake for the gay couple. And that was recently upheld as legal by the Supremes (no, not Diana Ross’ group). Civility and decorum should prevail in politics, wouldn’t you agree?


  7. For once, Dale, we agree. While I think the two (Bakery and Restaurant) situations are not exactly the same, I believe that it IS ok for a business owner to decide not to serve those with which they disagree or whose business they do not want.

    Now, having said that, again, my point is that even the media is noticing how discourteous Liberals are acting..Even the Liberal Media commentators are thinking the behavior is cheap, childish, and over the top.

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