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Everyone is happy. I am too, in a way. But I am disappointed also:

The Supremes didn’t really give us what we wanted, either in overturning the law in Chicago, or in providing clear direction as to what was acceptable vs what is not regarding limits to the 2nd. While I personally think that there should be no limits, clearly there will be some. But with no clear direction or ruling, all that they have done is to open the door for more litigation and more strife They have said that the law in Chicago was too broad, but have not defined what “too broad” really is.  The next set of limitations that will soon be in place in Chicago will, of course, be tried in court. This will take years, likely again with no clear ruling. Without such ruling, there can be no argument against laws in other states like California or Massachusetts or Wisconsin. Without such rulings, we as supporters of the 2nd have effectively been emasculated. There can be little agitation for change, as they have effectively not given us a set of rules to agitate against. Nor can we, in the near future, see any standard for carriage of arms across state lines, nor have we any hope to get a nationwide standard of LTC laws or rules.

So I am disappointed. This ruling for “McDonald”, like “Heller” is not really a set of answers to the issues we really need to have defined and resolved.

Perhaps this was the intent of the Court.  Perhaps it was simply cowardice.Perhaps they are merely stalling any real decision.

Either way, a time for rejoicing (yay) and a time to face a disappointment.

We essentially got nothing from the Supreme Court. Except a continuation of turmoil and litigation.


The US Constitution may not be the best system possible….. but it is a damned sight better than the system we are currently using.

Stupid gap

Read the comments.

A reason for the “wealth or income gap”: Smart people keep on doing things that are smart and make them money while stupid people keep on doing things that are stupid and keep them from achieving.
People who get an education, stay off of drugs, apply themselves, and save and wisely invest their earnings do a lot better than people who drop out of school, become substance abusers, and buy fancy cars and houses that they can’t afford, only to lose them.
We don’t have an income gap. We have a stupid gap. Guess which group voted for Obama
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Rate the O

THIS poll, while not very scientific, is nonetheless telling.

And the story ain’t so good for Mr. Obama.

Incompetence is what you generally get when you select an academic…..and when said academic has as his crowning achievement a failed community organizing job, which wasted a bunch of tax dollars with no real solution to the problems which they were trying to fix…..

Hope&Change and all that doesn’t get you very far in the real world, does it, Barry?

Sweet buttery Jesus, I hate Wal-Mart.

Not that I have anything against the retailer themselves. They sell decent goods (mostly) at low prices. I wish that they had more products that are made in the US, but that doesn’t go with the low price thing so much, so there it is…  I generally avoid the place, but I am partial to their cheap tennis shoes, which I consider as disposables for working in the yard and such.

What I hate are the people at Wal-Mart. Not the clerks and stockers, but the customers. Generally they are either self centered (stop to chat in the middle of the aisle, and block anyone behind them while they discuss their teeth or whatever with someone they haven’t seen in a week or so) or massively overweight, unable to control either their hips or the cart, and colliding with anyone/anything that isn’t actively dodging them. (now you know why Wal-Mart has such wide aisles)…Or they are stupid enough to make a cow look like a rocket scientist…..I am talking inbred sub cattle stupid. And generally slow in their motions as well as their cognitive processes…..3 toed sloth slow…..Turtles in snow slow. And let us not even go into the interesting and varied modes of dress.

I feel like I lost 30 IQ points in there, and at least 10% of my life force.

I’m not sure it is worth it to save $20 on a pair of cheap sneakers.

Watch the video

Find more HERE. Via Stormbringer

Take the time to email this link to all of your friends. Make this go viral.

At least the Gov. of AZ cares enough to stand up to the big O.

Seriously, send this to everyone you know. Ask them to pass it along.

Read the rest of the AmericanPowerBlog stuff HERE

All I can say is….

THIS is what you get when you have a bunch of academics running things instead of people who have actually DONE something in life where they actually need to produce.

I swear that I know groups of high school juniors who could coordinate better, and make better decisions.


Even more stuff HERE

Food for thought

Read. Think. Choose your side. I know where I stand…Do you?

Are you ready?

Will you stand strong and fight when the time comes? Will you be steadfast? Will you draw your line in the sand and stand by it? Will you guard this republic, and fight to keep it?

Or will you stand and watch as it is swept aside, destroyed, by the tide of socialism and “fairness”?

Sooner or later, you may have the opportunity to make your choice as to your actions. What will your choice be? Stand for something? Or watch as this great republic falls to the insidious creeping socialism which is infecting this country? Be a live coward or a dead hero? I know where my choices may lead me, and am willing ti make that decision.

I’d rather fight the good struggle valiantly and die than let this country fail due to my inaction, and die old in bed regretting my failure to act.

At least buy me dinner first…..

So I got the word from the insurance company today.

While the tree was the property of my neighbor, and it is considered an “act of God” (wind) which made the tree fall on MY barn, it is MY insurance company which has responsibility for the cleanup and repairs….Not a big deal, except that it is ME who has to come up with the deductible.


This is going to seriously impact my ammo/gun budget. I may have to cut back for 2 or three months. Maybe to less than 500 rds/month…..and no new firearms for a few months. Maybe longer.

Usually, I get drinks and dinner before getting screwed. Maybe a movie. Not so here.