Food for thought

Read. Think. Choose your side. I know where I stand…Do you?

Are you ready?

Will you stand strong and fight when the time comes? Will you be steadfast? Will you draw your line in the sand and stand by it? Will you guard this republic, and fight to keep it?

Or will you stand and watch as it is swept aside, destroyed, by the tide of socialism and “fairness”?

Sooner or later, you may have the opportunity to make your choice as to your actions. What will your choice be? Stand for something? Or watch as this great republic falls to the insidious creeping socialism which is infecting this country? Be a live coward or a dead hero? I know where my choices may lead me, and am willing ti make that decision.

I’d rather fight the good struggle valiantly and die than let this country fail due to my inaction, and die old in bed regretting my failure to act.

One thought on “Food for thought

  1. The lines are forming indeed…I choose to stand for something.

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