In a just world

 The Federal Government would be investigating as to who leaked the information on Trump’s taxes. 

If this were Joe Biden (Or in the past, Hillary Clinton) the cries for the head of the perpetrator would be vociferous all across the Media. 

But it isn’t. 

Why the silence? 

(forget the fact that this is a big deal about nothing)

They must be getting desperate

 The DNC leaked Trumps Tax Returns. 

I wonder who is gonna go to jail for it? (Probably no one, even though it is a crime)

But this tactic smacks of desperation They are pulling out all the stops to damage Trump. I don’t think that it will make a difference, but someone is desperate enough to try to do this in order to win. 

Sad that the DNC can’t field a candidate that folks can vote FOR, rather than damage the opposing candidate enough in people’s eyes to get them to vote for Slow Joe…..or tell us why Joe is better.

If I were the DNC I’d have waited to unveil this ’til a week or two before the election. 



 Sixteen new shooters. (Would have been more, but covid restrictions limited the size of the class)

Most were first-time-ever shooters. 

Some had already purchased a pistol for defense, others were planning to do so after taking the class (If they can find one). 

Few have any faith in their government or the police to protect them from Leftist mobs, even the Left leaning folks that were taking the class. Hence their new interest in firearms.

16 new gun owners, or will-be owners soon.

16 more supporters of the Second amendment.

And at least 12 New Shooter Smiles. 

‘Twas a good day. 

New Shooter Day

 Yeah, my club has a Pistol Safety course today, so I gotta go do my instructor thing. 

It is work, but the reward is the “New Shooter Smile” on their faces as they learn that they can do this. 

Worth the time, if you ask me. 

Today was a good day to fly for me too

 Did a 2.5 hour lesson this morning, then took an acquaintance up to get his plane from where it had been undergoing emergency repairs. 

Left my home airport and flew a few minutes to pick him up at KMGC, then we flew to KFFX via KLWA. 

A 1 hour flight that would have taken 3+ hours to drive (plus return).

Called South Bend approach for flight following, they passed me off to Great Lakes approach then I landed at KFFX (Fremont, Michigan) and taxiied to the mechanic’s shop. 

My friend paid his bill while I taxiied out and left. His turbo arrow is not appreciably faster than my naturally aspirated 182. I left 15 minutes before him, but he landed only 7 minutes behind me. We both flew at 8500 feet on the return trip. (Had we gone higher he’d have passed me, as the 192 cannot maintain full power past about 7500 feet because the air is just to thin…the turbo makes up for that at altitudes). 

2.4 hours of flying and 2 landings. It was severe VFR all the way. 

We fueled up both aircraft and I flew back to my home airport. 

Seems that Aaron had a good day of flying as well. 

I gotta say that 5 hours of flying in one day is a lot, really. 

Battlespace preparation:

 Notice how the Media is going on and on about the fact that Donald Trump won’t promise a “Peaceful change of leadership”? If the election results are in doubt? 

Forget the fact that he hasn’t lost the election yet, nor that there may well be some malfeasance in the election process itself….

We all remember the debacle of the 2000 Florida election mess….”Keep counting until Gore is the winner!”

One thing I HAVENT heard from the Democrats (or the Media) is a promise from Team DNC that THEY will abide by the results of the election if they lose. In fact, I have been hearing all sorts of things…that they plan (already) a court challenge unless Slow Joe wins. 

Odd double standard, that. If Trump wins, then they feel it is OK to fight the results. If Kamala and Joe win, then Trump should just step aside like a good boy. 

Where is THEIR promise to gracefully bow out if the election doesn’t go the way they want it to? 

Odd that they have one standard for Trump and another standard for their candidate, innit? 

And yet they can’t keep the lights on

 But Califronia is gonna mandate that by 2035 there be no “gas powered” cars and trucks sold in the state.…including hybrids.

How are they gonna make this work? They are shutting down generating plants in the state…..and they cannot purchase enough power from out of the state when demand is high as it is….

How are they gonna power all those electric charging stations? They can’t power the state right now as it is. 

Expect riots

 So the Grand Jury declined to press charges on the officers involved in the Breonna Taylor debacle

I fully expect riots tonight, tomorrow, Friday and Saturday. (apparently so do most Louisville downtown merchants) I bet that most metro police departments are prying for rain over the weekend. If I were a business owner in a city of any size at all…and one where there is a sizeable number of black people, I’d be boarding up my windows as well….’cause one can expect that there will be riots. 

Innocent or guilty, Breonna Taylor and Kenneth Walker had the right to live in peace. The No Knock raid was poorly executed (and should not have been a No-Knock raid anyway). The officers, even IF they felt justified in shooting, failed to identify their targets and essentially just sprayed bullets around. 

While I cannot see any racism here, I can see that they officers and the system failed to act responsibly. Were in a non-police gun owning private citizen, they’d surely be charged for such reckless behavior. As should be the cops in this incident. 

Having said that, rioting isn’t gonna change things, nor will it help. But that is what we have come to expect of inner city black people today….I mean, it has happened about every 4 years (sometimes more often) for most of my lifetime. 


Expect more riots in the upcoming days. Try to stay out of inner cities. If you see a crowd of people, go another way. or turn around quickly.  Try to be home soon after dark if you live in an urban area. Expect protests that then turn into riots, looting and burning. 

It is the “new Normal”

After all, it is an election year…and the Dems need the black vote so they keep ’em riled up so they won’t vote for Trump, despite the Dems record of broken promises.