They must be getting desperate

 The DNC leaked Trumps Tax Returns. 

I wonder who is gonna go to jail for it? (Probably no one, even though it is a crime)

But this tactic smacks of desperation They are pulling out all the stops to damage Trump. I don’t think that it will make a difference, but someone is desperate enough to try to do this in order to win. 

Sad that the DNC can’t field a candidate that folks can vote FOR, rather than damage the opposing candidate enough in people’s eyes to get them to vote for Slow Joe…..or tell us why Joe is better.

If I were the DNC I’d have waited to unveil this ’til a week or two before the election. 


2 thoughts on “They must be getting desperate

  1. I wouldn't trust any "leaked documentation" the DNC puts out. If Trump has issues with his taxes, that's between him and the IRS. I'm sure that if there ARE problems with Trump's taxes, the IRS will be glad to rectify them.

    Folks on both sides of the aisle need to remember that if they let these people get away with what they're doing to Trump, they'll eventually use the same tactics on US!

  2. According to Google Trump and his organizations have been under audit since 2002. I would think that if there was a problem that in 18 years they could have found it by now. Remember Harry Reid made a comment about Mitt Romney's 1040's that could never be proved.

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