And yet they can’t keep the lights on

 But Califronia is gonna mandate that by 2035 there be no “gas powered” cars and trucks sold in the state.…including hybrids.

How are they gonna make this work? They are shutting down generating plants in the state…..and they cannot purchase enough power from out of the state when demand is high as it is….

How are they gonna power all those electric charging stations? They can’t power the state right now as it is. 

8 thoughts on “And yet they can’t keep the lights on

  1. Sometimes I start thinking lefties dont even look at physical possibilities before they announce their intentions.

  2. Keep electing the likes of AOC and Omar, and you folks in the rest of America will be in the same boat!

    Believe me; there are MILLIONS of Conservatives out here. Our millions aren't enough when poor votes can be bought with taxpayer money! Why do you think the "governors" of California continue to invite in all of those welfare bums and illegals? 'You think that the "representatives" in your state haven't figured this out? Brace yourselves…

  3. The yabut is care tend to last if you care for them.
    I know of more than a few 20 year old cars will running
    and their owners are willing to keep them running.
    Why, because they can.


  4. Responding to Justin_O_Guy.

    In 1961, President Kennedy issued a promise that the USA would get to the moon by the end of the decade. At the time this promise was a physical impossibility. We had neither the knowledge nor the technology to carry it out. Yet by 1969 we made it happen.

    Mankind (not just those on the left) has never let physical possibilities be its limit. If we had, we probably wouldn't be having this discussion in this forum–there would be no computers or internet. B, and others, would not be able to regale us with their tales of flying because "if God had meant for man to fly, he would have given us wings." And many of us would be dead or never have existed because of measles, small pox, cancer, malaria, etc.

    There are plenty of reasons to be for or against Gov. Newsom's executive order. Because it falls outside the limits of todays physical possibilities shouldn't be a consideration.


  5. Pete:

    That is a fine statement.

    But where is Kalifornica gonna get it's power to charge all those cars? The state is currently a net importer of electrical power, and they have rolling black/brownouts already. How are they gonna charge thousands and thousands of cars as well and run the load for homes and industry?

    THe parallel with the moon landing falls apart if you stretch it to fit….

  6. B said, "THe parallel with the moon landing falls apart if you stretch it to fit…."

    Of course it falls apart. Kennedy and the Space Program had complete buy-in from the American people (Sputnik!, Russians!), and thus the financial support of the federal budget.

    I can't imagine Newsom getting that kind of public and financial support at the state level, even in California.

    But if he did, fifteen years is an eternity in the world of technology. Who knows what kind of innovations could be developed in that time.


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