Battlespace preparation:

 Notice how the Media is going on and on about the fact that Donald Trump won’t promise a “Peaceful change of leadership”? If the election results are in doubt? 

Forget the fact that he hasn’t lost the election yet, nor that there may well be some malfeasance in the election process itself….

We all remember the debacle of the 2000 Florida election mess….”Keep counting until Gore is the winner!”

One thing I HAVENT heard from the Democrats (or the Media) is a promise from Team DNC that THEY will abide by the results of the election if they lose. In fact, I have been hearing all sorts of things…that they plan (already) a court challenge unless Slow Joe wins. 

Odd double standard, that. If Trump wins, then they feel it is OK to fight the results. If Kamala and Joe win, then Trump should just step aside like a good boy. 

Where is THEIR promise to gracefully bow out if the election doesn’t go the way they want it to? 

Odd that they have one standard for Trump and another standard for their candidate, innit? 

4 thoughts on “Battlespace preparation:

  1. They've already said they won't concede… Double standard anyone?

  2. This isn't going to end well… A lot of people have had enough…

  3. need a SCOTUS decision/order that all states must follow EXISTING laws as written on the first day of early voting/absentee mail in voting…no changes by legislature OR court allowed untill after election day, and then only by law makers.

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