Today was a good day to fly for me too

 Did a 2.5 hour lesson this morning, then took an acquaintance up to get his plane from where it had been undergoing emergency repairs. 

Left my home airport and flew a few minutes to pick him up at KMGC, then we flew to KFFX via KLWA. 

A 1 hour flight that would have taken 3+ hours to drive (plus return).

Called South Bend approach for flight following, they passed me off to Great Lakes approach then I landed at KFFX (Fremont, Michigan) and taxiied to the mechanic’s shop. 

My friend paid his bill while I taxiied out and left. His turbo arrow is not appreciably faster than my naturally aspirated 182. I left 15 minutes before him, but he landed only 7 minutes behind me. We both flew at 8500 feet on the return trip. (Had we gone higher he’d have passed me, as the 192 cannot maintain full power past about 7500 feet because the air is just to thin…the turbo makes up for that at altitudes). 

2.4 hours of flying and 2 landings. It was severe VFR all the way. 

We fueled up both aircraft and I flew back to my home airport. 

Seems that Aaron had a good day of flying as well. 

I gotta say that 5 hours of flying in one day is a lot, really. 

One thought on “Today was a good day to fly for me too

  1. Awesome. Glad you had a good time and it was a perfect day for flying. . We really need to do a fly-in meet-up again.

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