2 thoughts on “INteresting stipulations

  1. Biden was more coherent than I expected, even accounting for the likely drugs and earpiece. Twice he flagged and Wallace bailed him out.

    Calling Wallace out on bias was necessary. Articulating why would have been nice. Trump campaign promised no interruptions? Well, they were promised a moderator… Wallace, to his credit, seems to have the intellectual integrity to want to be neutral and do the job. He doesn't seem to have the intellectual discipline to pull it off. If you want to save a topic for later, you stop the first people to raise it. You don't let him say negative things about his opponent and then postpone the rebuttal. Curative admissibility.

    Also, whoever thought that the guy responsible for reining in POTUS and a former VP should be seated below floor level? Wallace is not imposing and he did not need the handicap.

    Condemning white supremacists and proud boys in a single breath conflated the two, wrongly, and condemning them in proximity to antifa/blm lays the ground for a false equivalence. White supremacists are scum, but they're not burning down cities right now and so should not be offered as a distraction. That cancer is presently in remission. Proud boys, to my knowledge, never have. But we're going to see them presented that way in the coming month, I think. Trump laid the groundwork for his opposition to muddy up the issue of their people torching businesses.

    Misstep on schools. Football? Really? You're accused of not taking a pandemic seriously and you mention sports? I know they're a religion, but still. Blame the Democrat teacher's unions…

    Huge misstep on race relations. Tout achievements? Mention record low minority unemployment? Nah. Lose that train of thought and chant likeability. Didn't even mention the best line from Biden – the one about poor kids being just as bright as white kids. Could have destroyed him. Missed the chance.

    Still, Trump didn't take any abuse lying down, so that's something. No moral credibility given to his opponent to turn around and use as leverage to better stab him.

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