So Trump sez…..

That burning a flag (A US Flag) “should have  consequences — perhaps loss of citizenship or year in jail!”

Yeah, I disagree. Strongly.

Thank God we have laws. And he can’t make that happen.

The press is pointing out how this has been ruled Unconstitutional.  They are right, at least according to the Supreme Court. So Trump really only has an opinion.

If only the press had paid attention to the Constitution this past 8 years….

Update: BorePatch has another point 

Update 2: Joe has a great point as well

Update 3: So Does Ms. X

An Observation:

You can’t go back….

At least not to the beach….

So a week and 3 days ago, I was on the beach just west of Michigan City, Indiana, just outside of what was, before the Federal Parks Department closed it for no good reason, Mt Baldy Park….

There I found, buried in the beach sand, at the edge of the wave line, (OK, really Midwest Chick saw it first) a large chunk of cast iron, likely a windlass or capstan.

Now, there is an old shipwreck in the area (Probably “unknown #3”)… Old. like 1850’s? ….before the turn of the century….over the years the ribs of the ship get covered and uncovered by sand. I have been there when the wooden ribs were visible, and this is in the same general area….And there is no documentation of any iron windlass or other large iron parts on the wreck….

I took careful sightings and measurements from fixed landmarks and from other beach detritus for closer locating…., and returned with a shovel and a camera to document it 10 days later….Of course, only after we had had large winds(and therefore waves) and a lot of rain….

No dice. The sand was at least 2 foot deeper than it was before. The three large oak trees washed up on shore that were part of my reference marks…one was moved, the other two were gone. With my sightings, I would guess that I was within 10 feet of the place….but with the sand being deeper by at least 2 feet at that area, and with my close reference marks gone or moved, I was unable to locate the item to document it.

Mother Nature teases us sometimes…revealing for a short time her treasures, then hiding them again.

I will go back, and I will find the item. But for now, it is a mystery. The beach I left is not the beach I returned to…nor will it be the beach to which I return next time.

So it is with other places in our life. Once we leave, they are gone. We can return to the same location, but the place is different. The people are new, or changed… isn’t the same….. Familiar, yet different…..For you aren’t the same person as he or she who left, and the place has moved on, evolving and becoming what it is today….different that it was yesterday. And not what it will be tomorrow.

Gotta feel sorry for the Left

Ok, not really.

But first Hillary loses to Trump. Damages their calm….

Then Fidel kicks the Bucket.

What Next for the Left?

I’ts enough to get them to retreat again to their Safe Spaces.

One more might make them stay there….

Or you could form your own…..

“We don’t need white people leading the Democratic Party right now.”

So, again, we see that to a significantly loud number of black people, all that matters is race.

Color, if you will.

Not philosophy, certainly not ability, just race.

And, again, who is the racist here?

If she and her supporters believe that strongly, then they could, of course, form their own party….say the Black Lives Matter party.

Or just call it the “Darkies” for short. Or just the Black Party…Or something like that. I really don’t care.

Here is the rub though…..they need WHITE PEOPLE’S money. There aren’t enough black people who will give even a dollar. Not enough folks that care enough. Who likely won’t vote, but certainly won’t give any money to run the party nor do the ad campaigns even if they found a candidate. And nobody wants to work for free, even to achieve their goals……So they want to take over the DNC….

They need white folks money and organization to get what they want…..

But that has been the way things have worked since the Civil Rights Movement, isn’t it?

Will anyone really grieve?

Castro dead.

Fidel, that is.

Not that he has mattered for the past 10 years or so…..The media says I am supposed to care, but my Give-A-Shit meter just won’t move off the peg….

Now, will the irritating bunch of “refugees” in Miami finally go home?

In order to stay un-incarcerated

I shall avoid all retail establishments today and for the weekend.

‘Twas pointed out that I can stand the crowds in a gunshow , why not Black Friday Sales?

I think it is because of behavior….Gunshow crowds are, for the most part, well behaved, orderly, and polite. Not so with the post Thanksgiving shoppers.

I laughed.

Via FaceBook:

“Who wants to dress up in Bear costumes and go tear apart the tents of the people camping outside Best Buy for Black Friday?”

If I had a bear costume, I might try it….

Happy Thanksgiving

I have much to be thankful for this year. Too much to list, in fact.

I sincerely  hope you do as well.

And if you are missing out of being with family, friends, or loved ones because you are on duty in some foreign land, or standing a post here in the US, or are Law Enforcement/First Responder duty, or are forced to work in some Service job…I thank you for your service.