Or you could form your own…..

“We don’t need white people leading the Democratic Party right now.”

So, again, we see that to a significantly loud number of black people, all that matters is race.

Color, if you will.

Not philosophy, certainly not ability, just race.

And, again, who is the racist here?

If she and her supporters believe that strongly, then they could, of course, form their own party….say the Black Lives Matter party.

Or just call it the “Darkies” for short. Or just the Black Party…Or something like that. I really don’t care.

Here is the rub though…..they need WHITE PEOPLE’S money. There aren’t enough black people who will give even a dollar. Not enough folks that care enough. Who likely won’t vote, but certainly won’t give any money to run the party nor do the ad campaigns even if they found a candidate. And nobody wants to work for free, even to achieve their goals……So they want to take over the DNC….

They need white folks money and organization to get what they want…..

But that has been the way things have worked since the Civil Rights Movement, isn’t it?

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