“Rat Bastard” doesn’t seem to be harsh enough

Read this.

Higher healthcare fees for Military folks.

All the while wanting to GIVE freebies to a significant number of minorities, single moms, welfare queens and other unproductives. 

“Rat Bastard” just isn’t harsh enough. Of course, he’s not the only one, Pelosi and her ilk are just as bad.  


Tue Supremes wimped out. They should have either upheld it, or invalidated it. This half assed shit is for the birds

One the one hand, they weakened the arguments for the power of the commerce clause.

On the other hand, they said that Congress can tax you for anything, essentially.

So now they can tax you if you don’t buy a product or service.

I am not unexpectedly, disappointed. Greatly.

I do have one question though. WIll this tax apply to everyone: poor, black, white, wealthy, male, Hispanic, Asian, straight, female, gay, etc? Or will there be exemptions for certain groups? Will we all be equal under the law? (yeah, I know….stop laughing).

It would seem to me that these Justices lack any significant amount of intestinal fortitude. They don’t have the guts to make a real decision.

And that sucks….’cause they are (supposed to be) the final word regarding laws and constitutionality. And they wimped out here…yet again.

And, again, the power now going to the IRS via taxation is going to be huge. The powers they will have over your life is going to grow. 

The only good thing about this is that Romney (spit) will have something to use as a slogan (repeal, repeal, repeal) and message that he can use over and over and over. And this will give him a rallying point around which his supporters and others can agree. So we end up with a slightly less bad president. A slightly less liberal weenie.

How to make shit smell tasty….

and other types of spin.

Done here with a great deal of flair and style.

If I hadn’t heard of Fast and Furious and learned the details before reading THIS, then I’d have to think that it was ok.

ETA: It occurred to me that IF the limitations and obstacles hobbling the agents are actually that big of a deal, then the fact that they continued shows, at best, incompetence (and, at worst, malfeasance).

I mean, if you can’t do something because of those pesky laws, or because the rest of the justice system won’t cooperate, then why continue, knowing the results will be bad? Knowing that you will be facilitating the movement of illegal firearms beyond the borders? Not to mention the fact that thy failed to inform, much less cooperate with, the relevant Mexican authorities.

I got two words for you



Go here for an explanation.

“General” TACO:

You won’t like the ending.

At all.


And at the end of the kerfluffle, yes, all black people’s problems will, indeed, be solved.

But not in the way you think.

Talk is cheap.

And you are as disgusting as those KKK assholes.

But, when you think yer ready, Bring It.

‘Cause there’s a lot more folks on the other side who are ready right now, than you think.

Yer shit might work in a “blue” city, maybe. But everywhere else, you’ll lose. Badly.

You really don’t wanna start nuthin’.

All your posing and mean looks and tough talk might impress those poor inner city youths. But it ain’t gonna mean shit to the rest of the country.

Like I said, you really won’t like how it ends. Few whites want a real race war. But you can, if you try hard enough, find one. And you’d better be prepared for the damage your race will take. It won’t be pretty on either side, but you’ll take the lions share of the damage. And you’ll bring shit down on a bunch of good people, white and black, who don’t deserve it.

And you’ll still lose. And so will your “people”. Badly.

TSA at their best

Hours of watching hundreds people pass through a metal detector and never once did a light flash or a sound emerge. Yet he had no clue that the metal detector was not plugged in.

And the TSA “had no choice” but to further inconvenience people by making planes return to the gates so the passengers could be rescreened, and forcing everyone in the terminal to pass again through the metal detectors.

Now, I am no expert on terrorism, nor on hijacking….But if I were so  inclined, and the nice (arabic surnamed) TSA agent had allowed me to pass through the non working security device, What makes you think that I would carry my weapon back through the security line again rather than secrete it in the “secure area” or in the plane before returning to the security for rescreening?

And I wonder what sort of disciplinary action isn’t being applied to the (apparently oblivious) pizza delivery reject TSA agent?

Remember, Security Theater, nothing more

You didn’t hear about this via the MSM

When they were telling you what a monster George Zimmerman was, when he brutally attacked and shot a sweet child who was coming back from the store with candy for his bother and Iced tea for his father


They didn’t tell you that the sweet child looked like a ghetto thug, did they, instead of the 12 year old cherub-cheeked youngster they showed you, did they”

They didn’t tell you that he had been thrown out of school for drugs and fighting, either.

And they didn’t tell you this, either…That George Zimmerman passed TWO lie detector tests.

’cause then they couldn’t stir up the black vote in an “us against the white man” thing in November.

THought for the day

A wise and frugal Government, which shall restrain
men from injuring one another, which shall leave them otherwise free to
regulate their own pursuits of industry and improvement, and shall not
take from the mouth of labor the bread it has earned. This is the sum of
good government, and this is necessary to close the circlue of our

Thomas Jefferson

The Dutch get it….

Now if only our Liberals will get it, we can get on with having a real country, and integrate our immigrants .  Assimilate them into the “melting pot”.

Of course, the Dutch are getting serious about their integration.

Hey, since the liberals like everything that Europeans do, maybe they will follow their lead.

H/T FreeNorthCarolina