Tue Supremes wimped out. They should have either upheld it, or invalidated it. This half assed shit is for the birds

One the one hand, they weakened the arguments for the power of the commerce clause.

On the other hand, they said that Congress can tax you for anything, essentially.

So now they can tax you if you don’t buy a product or service.

I am not unexpectedly, disappointed. Greatly.

I do have one question though. WIll this tax apply to everyone: poor, black, white, wealthy, male, Hispanic, Asian, straight, female, gay, etc? Or will there be exemptions for certain groups? Will we all be equal under the law? (yeah, I know….stop laughing).

It would seem to me that these Justices lack any significant amount of intestinal fortitude. They don’t have the guts to make a real decision.

And that sucks….’cause they are (supposed to be) the final word regarding laws and constitutionality. And they wimped out here…yet again.

And, again, the power now going to the IRS via taxation is going to be huge. The powers they will have over your life is going to grow. 

The only good thing about this is that Romney (spit) will have something to use as a slogan (repeal, repeal, repeal) and message that he can use over and over and over. And this will give him a rallying point around which his supporters and others can agree. So we end up with a slightly less bad president. A slightly less liberal weenie.