I got two words for you



Go here for an explanation.

“General” TACO:

You won’t like the ending.

At all.


And at the end of the kerfluffle, yes, all black people’s problems will, indeed, be solved.

But not in the way you think.

Talk is cheap.

And you are as disgusting as those KKK assholes.

But, when you think yer ready, Bring It.

‘Cause there’s a lot more folks on the other side who are ready right now, than you think.

Yer shit might work in a “blue” city, maybe. But everywhere else, you’ll lose. Badly.

You really don’t wanna start nuthin’.

All your posing and mean looks and tough talk might impress those poor inner city youths. But it ain’t gonna mean shit to the rest of the country.

Like I said, you really won’t like how it ends. Few whites want a real race war. But you can, if you try hard enough, find one. And you’d better be prepared for the damage your race will take. It won’t be pretty on either side, but you’ll take the lions share of the damage. And you’ll bring shit down on a bunch of good people, white and black, who don’t deserve it.

And you’ll still lose. And so will your “people”. Badly.

3 thoughts on “I got two words for you

  1. It appears you might be able to log in to The Blaze – sorry, but I'm not in the mood to create another account. If I give you my address and GPS coordinates, would you be willing to post them there (under my name, of course) so that General T.A.C.O. does not make a wrong turn and end up in the wrong neighborhood? I'd give you my phone # too, but I never answer the thing – leave a message if you really think I listen to them.

    stay safe.

  2. That was some funny stuff.

    Even funnier if he really believes it.

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