If any of you win

The $640K (yeah, $0.640 BILLION) Mega Millions lottery:

Please consider buying me one of these.

I need one to get to work on time….

I, unfortunately, didn’t win.

Will he?

Will The Won call the folks whose address Spike Lee gave out in a fit of rage against George Zimmerman, only to find out that he was mistaken, and then double down on his stupidity by refusing to apologize?

Nah, I don’t expect it either.

Will he do anything besides play up to the sorely needed middle and lower class blacks so that he can be one of them in their minds and gain their vote (even though he hasn’t materially helped them?)

Will he be anything but race conscious in who he favors?

Nah, likely not.

Funny how racist this “post-racial president” is, isn’t it?

I am disgusted even more than I expected to be.

Told ya


Bet that the Euro ends up being France, Germany, and the other northern European countries. The south ones will bail. Or collapse.


101 years ago, the Army adopted the Pistol, model of 1911.

I own 5. carry one (or it’s twin) daily.

Dammned good piece of engineering there, Mr. Browning.

I wonder

What  MLK would think of this brouhaha over Trayvan Martin and George Zimmerman?

Would HE choose to support a young black man over a white man?

Would he be all for summary justice….in other words, a lynching?

Would HE support the (New) Black Panthers and their reward for blood? 

Would he be calling for blood as justice?

I really doubt it.

I think he’d be wanting facts, and would let the system work first.

Yep Just like that

This is more about how I see people. I could really care less what the color of your skin is. Or the shade.

But if yer a lowlife, then it matters.

Ya know, ….the content of your character.

If you act like a lowlife, I’m gonna assume you are one, and treat you accordingly.

If it matters, I know a lot more white lowlifes than black or asian or hispanic ones.

I don’t hang around with lowlifes, period. 

Nor do I defend them, no matter what their particular shade is.

“Just ’cause I am black doesn’t mean I am a criminal”

“And you shouldn’t treat me like one!”

Then this.

Kinda screws up the message…doesn’t it?

’cause I can’t remember the last time a bunch of white protested over a black person shooting a white person….or trashing a store  during the protest.

Come to think about it, I can’t remember any Asians or Hispanics doing it either….

Divide and conquer

One wonders how long the plans for the division of this country by race have been in the can…just waiting for something to use as the starting point to rally the population behind.

If one were a suspicious sort who sees conspiracies behind every blade of grass.

I have been accused of being like that.

And, while I may be delusional, events do seem to be confirming my suspicions.

I wonder how many “advisors” the administration have sent to Sanford Florida?

And I wonder if the leaders of the protests elsewhere realize they are tools being manipulated for someone else’s end?