101 years ago, the Army adopted the Pistol, model of 1911.

I own 5. carry one (or it’s twin) daily.

Dammned good piece of engineering there, Mr. Browning.

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  1. If you don't mind my asking, how reliable are they out of the box? Did you have to have them customized? Or did they come that way?
    The reason I ask, is that for years I resisted buying them because everyone who seems to own one has spent a large amount of money making them reliable (barrel work so it will feed anything but ball, etc) I finally bought a few, and paid about a kilobuck apiece for 3 Kimbers and a Colt.
    One of the Kimbers and the Colt were so unreliable that I sold them. I am trying to find out if my experience was typical.

  2. Forty years ago I bought my first firearm. It was/is a M1911A1. I will never sell it. It has never mal-functioned. I will never love another pistol the way I love this one.

    MAJ Mike

  3. Mine have been reliable out of the box. If you get one that is real tight (not as designed) then it'll likely give you trouble. For carry, loose is good. I'll generally polish (not reshape) the feed ramp a bit, but other than that, leave as stock.

    Many Kimber issues are the Schwarz safety rather than the design itself.

    I am no expert on firearms though.

  4. Amazing that the 1911 was so perfectly designed so long ago. I carry one too, although there are better 'fighting' guns out there, I can't help but be loyal to a pistol that has killed more commies than any other pistol on the planet.

    I went though a 1911 buying spree a couple years ago. Sig, Colt, Kimber and Springfield. All nice, but I've sold all except the Springfield, and bought another Springfield in December. That is the brand for me – until I can afford a Wilson…

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