There is something very wrong with these people as a whole…

I mean, THEY (muslims) have no problem with defiling another culture’s religious or other symbols. They see no reason to get upset when a muslim destroys a thousand year old buddha statue, or any of the thousands of other defilements that htey have perpetrated in my lifetime. :Because Islam,:

But they DEMAND that their symbols be treated with respect.

And they, as individuals and as a culture go batshit crazy when someone does something like placing bacon in the pages of a Koran and burning it. I admit it is insulting, but these people go fukking insane when someone pulls a stupid stunt like that.

I know several individuals who are like that, They cannot judge their own behavior based upon how they treat others. There is only Their Way. In some ways it is arrogance, in other ways I think they are psychotic and should be considered somewhat dangerous.

So too the Muslims who riot at the tiniest perceived insult to Islam, even unto killing people for revenge. They hide it for a while, but their madness shows itself periodically. Sadly, at this point, I’m thinking anyone from that culture should be disarmed and contained, really.

Just leave your politics there….

Remember what led to the place you are moving from to be a shithole that you wanted to flee.

4 out of 10 Californians thinking about moving to another locale.

There’s a reason that people hate you if you move in from California.


Around here, it’s folks from Chicago. They come in, buy a home complain about the high prices, high taxes, high crime etc that made them leave,  then bitch that it isn’t like Chicago….not liberal enough, too conservative, complain about the lack of government services, the fact that they have to be somewhat self reliant (Compared to city living), etc.

We tell ’em to go back home. Often, after year or two, they do…..

The “Coward of Broward”

is found “Not Guilty” of criminal neglect for Bravely Running Away in 2018 when Nikolas Cruz shot up Marjorie Stoneman Douglas High School in Florida (and he gets to keep his pension and stay out of jail)

He should, in my opinion, be shot for cowardice. He took pay to be a guard, and he turned tail and ran away when he was most needed. But Juries and attorneys are strange things.

If he had half a conscience he’d eat his gun. But that would require courage.

well, shit, the Canadians got me too

I WAS gonna go up and fly a twin engine trainer this morning to touch up my engine-out and other emergency skills.

But no, not today…. like Aaron yesterday, the conditions for me were not VFR. 1.5 miles visibility. Below  legal standards, plus my own personal minimums as well. I can’t do straining in a rented airplane unless it is VFR. If I were going somewhere, I could file IFR, but training has to be Visual Flight Rules. 3 or more miles of visibility.

So the training was cancelled. Maybe next week if the fires are extinguished and/or the winds blow in a different direction.

Damned Canadians…


And the animal activists are “shocked”

“Animal lovers say they were left shocked and have now branded the ‘savage’ bird a modern day dinosaur.” as video shows seagull eating a squirrel

WTF do they think happens every single day? Something eats something else. Some animals are hunters, others are prey. IN this case, I think it was a dead squirrel and a gull eating carrion. But whatever. This is the way of the world. Some things eat plankton and tiny bugs. Something eats those critters. Something bigger eats those. Other things eat plants, then become food themselves.

If animal activists are shocked then they simply haven’t been paying attention.

I’m thinking there is more to the story

as to why the charges were dropped.

Man shot in restaurant. Woman and kid arrested and charged, then let go.

Mom goes into restaurant,…gets into argument with a man inside.

Man punches Mom. Mom’s 14 year old son comes in, pulls a handgun, shoots the man.

Man flees. Kid and mom follow. Kid shoots man dead at urging of Mom.

They are arrested.

*********************************Days go by*****************

They let them go because “Self Defense”. ALL CHARGES DROPPED.


Why does 14 year old kid have a handgun in his hoodie pocket? Why is that not a chargeable offense?

Why is it not murder once the man flees and is no longer a threat and you follow him and kill him? I can buy the first shooting as self defense…to stop the threat…. but following the man and killing him later when he is fleeing is murder, plain and simple.

I’m not saying that there was influence here, but if this were me, or most likely any of you, we’d still be in jail and still charged. Not sure how Mom got out of this. Someone must know someone, or have some strings to pull with the Prosecutor’s office….it is Chicago, after all. Can’t be a racial component, ’cause both the guy shot, the woman punched and the 14 year old who did the shooting are all black….(Which must mean that Black Lives Don’t Matter unless the guy doing the killing is white)

If we were 14 years old, and had possessed a firearm, we’d be in jail and charged.  Having shot and killed a man or not. 14 years old. Handgun.

Maybe the rules are different if you are black and from the South Side…..vs black or hispanic.

One wonders exactly how all the charges got dropped. Whose kid is it, and/or who does mom know? Someone has influence….


Have ya noticed?

I mean, I see Trump 2024 flags, stickers and other paraphernalia ALL OVER the place. Lots of cars and homes have one or the other. I saw it when I was in Texas, I even see ’em in Chicago…


Yet, oddly, despite him having “gotten more votes than any other President in History“, I have yet to see anywhere a car or lawn sporting a “Biden 2024”. sticker, flag or other such device on any cars, on any houses, or anywhere.

Odd, that.

Where did all those Biden supporters go?

“If you strike at the king, Do not miss, Kill him”


Apparently a failed Coup. (sorry, Aesop)

Yevgengy Prigozhin is exiled to Belarus, but I would bet his life expectancy is much shorter today than it was 2 days ago.

Putin will have him killed, perhaps secretly, perhaps blatantly. (as Tam points out, having to wear gloves before touching most doorknob, checking for Polonium and other precautions for the rest of your life would suck,,,)

Either way, once he sent his troops towards Moscow, he had but one real choice: successfully depose Putin …..or face death.

I think he chose poorly.

On the other hand, if he survives for a few months, then the “coup” attempt must have been a sham to boost Putin’s image in the eyes of the Russian people.



Who pays for all the costs of the “Rescue Mission: that was mounted for the Titan submersible?

Seems to me that the company should pay for those costs.

But I don’t know who, if anyone, will pay.