I’m thinking there is more to the story

as to why the charges were dropped.

Man shot in restaurant. Woman and kid arrested and charged, then let go.

Mom goes into restaurant,…gets into argument with a man inside.

Man punches Mom. Mom’s 14 year old son comes in, pulls a handgun, shoots the man.

Man flees. Kid and mom follow. Kid shoots man dead at urging of Mom.

They are arrested.

*********************************Days go by*****************

They let them go because “Self Defense”. ALL CHARGES DROPPED.


Why does 14 year old kid have a handgun in his hoodie pocket? Why is that not a chargeable offense?

Why is it not murder once the man flees and is no longer a threat and you follow him and kill him? I can buy the first shooting as self defense…to stop the threat…. but following the man and killing him later when he is fleeing is murder, plain and simple.

I’m not saying that there was influence here, but if this were me, or most likely any of you, we’d still be in jail and still charged. Not sure how Mom got out of this. Someone must know someone, or have some strings to pull with the Prosecutor’s office….it is Chicago, after all. Can’t be a racial component, ’cause both the guy shot, the woman punched and the 14 year old who did the shooting are all black….(Which must mean that Black Lives Don’t Matter unless the guy doing the killing is white)

If we were 14 years old, and had possessed a firearm, we’d be in jail and charged.  Having shot and killed a man or not. 14 years old. Handgun.

Maybe the rules are different if you are black and from the South Side…..vs black or hispanic.

One wonders exactly how all the charges got dropped. Whose kid is it, and/or who does mom know? Someone has influence….


2 thoughts on “I’m thinking there is more to the story

  1. Don’t know the background here but maybe the guy was a real dirt bag that was a menace to all. As the saying goes maybe he needed killing and all the law considered it was a waste of time and money to prosecute.

  2. Some places allow for self-defense shooting even if the shooter is ineligible for all reasons.

    Then there’s the ‘child’ who did an adult crime who can get away with it because it’s a juvenile supposedly.

    And, well, it’s Chicago. So nothing related to reality happens there.

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