Have ya noticed?

I mean, I see Trump 2024 flags, stickers and other paraphernalia ALL OVER the place. Lots of cars and homes have one or the other. I saw it when I was in Texas, I even see ’em in Chicago…


Yet, oddly, despite him having “gotten more votes than any other President in History“, I have yet to see anywhere a car or lawn sporting a “Biden 2024”. sticker, flag or other such device on any cars, on any houses, or anywhere.

Odd, that.

Where did all those Biden supporters go?

4 thoughts on “Have ya noticed?

  1. …A lot of them never existed, B…

    …Notice to, that Biteme isn’t even ATTEMPTING to campaign… Funny, that… It’s like he’s not concerned at all about the outcome…

  2. If the Democrats are allowed to rig the elections, who cares what the actual vote is? The GOPe doesn’t fight and they are more opposed to President Trump than the Swamp. In 2020, the results were hitting Germany since the machines were connected to the Internet. that is just stupid or a plan to loose. All the signs and bumper stickers are just a “feel good” waste of effort.

  3. What Biden supporters? Lets face reality. They stole the 2020 election with zero consequences. Stole MULTIPLE elections in 2022 and without doubt will do it again in 2024. And they really don’t even TRY to hide what they are doing.

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