“If you strike at the king, Do not miss, Kill him”


Apparently a failed Coup. (sorry, Aesop)

Yevgengy Prigozhin is exiled to Belarus, but I would bet his life expectancy is much shorter today than it was 2 days ago.

Putin will have him killed, perhaps secretly, perhaps blatantly. (as Tam points out, having to wear gloves before touching most doorknob, checking for Polonium and other precautions for the rest of your life would suck,,,)

Either way, once he sent his troops towards Moscow, he had but one real choice: successfully depose Putin …..or face death.

I think he chose poorly.

On the other hand, if he survives for a few months, then the “coup” attempt must have been a sham to boost Putin’s image in the eyes of the Russian people.


9 thoughts on ““If you strike at the king, Do not miss, Kill him”

  1. Or it was a poorly run attempt by our fav bumblers MI5 and CIA.

    In this scenario Yevgengy Prigozhin gets bribed to do the color revolution thing.

    He being pretty smart as CIA always kills off their useful idiots accepts the bribe and tells Putin. Slow walks his “rebellious troops” towards Moscow.

    Putin gets to see WHO is a 5th columnist as well as clean up some loose ends (including questionable Russian Generals).

    And the Musicians a very effective battlegroup gets “Demoted” to an area (LOOK AT THE MAP PLEASE) MUCH closer to the troublesome Poles. I noticed our media has been cheering about “Polish Volunteers” “Visiting” civilians in Russian villages lately.

    Let’s see if Prigozhin is alive and well leading his musicians in Belaris next week.

    • “Soon we will have a new Prezident”.

      Who said that on the march to Moscow?

      • Putin’s 70 now.
        They’re going to have a new prezident by actuarial tables anytime, any ways.

        Prigozhin made it clear his beef was with Shoigu and Gerasimov, not his buddy Pooty.

  2. Or… it’s a trick by Putin. Hear me out.

    Prigozhin states a coup against the government and it’s fake. It’s a ruse to ferret out anti-Putin politicians, bureaucrats, military leaders and forces and others.

    Stalin did this at least 5 times.

    Mao did this at least 5 times.

    Xi did this within the last 4 years. Remember? A coup against him, and he ‘disappeared’ for days, suddenly appeared and others suddenly disappeared.

    Don’t trust anything that happens in Russia, not in the past, not now, not in the future.

    Remember, this is the same country (basically) that Stalin ran, who worked with the German Nazis to divide and subjugate Poland, to attack Finland, to play the allied powers against each other and to rip off the USA over lend-lease because the Soviets ‘were’ our friends.

    Nothing in Russia is as it seems. Maskrova and Potempkin villages are both very Russian concepts.

    • Russia is a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma.

      Another long-time Russian concept:
      Leaders who look secure, just before they wake up and their phones calls go nowhere, as tanks start surrounding the dacha.

  3. Starting to look more and more like a planned “operation”. Why and for whose benefit we don’t know. Russian politicians kill people for criticizing them. March on them with arms and there’s no way they let ‘bygones be bygones’.

  4. prizgoyen is one of the very few allowed to cook for putin. even so, if this was a coup attempt there would be a lot of dead people littering the streets. priz isn’t exiled, he’s taking his toys on r&r, like he’s been threatening for weeks. he’s been upset by the russian army command. they refused to fight, held back ammo and fuel and air support. the last straw was last week when they bombed wagner positions “by mistake” killing a number of wagner troops. at most this was a temper tantrum. anything more,they’d all be dead. you guys act like the media has never lied to you before.

    • The media, curiously, has played this one pretty straight, both theirs and ours, and shown clips of the principals speaking and quoted verbatim. Because I think they realized that sh*t got real Friday night.

      Most of the horsepuckey coming out is half-baked wild crackpot theories spun out of people’s underpants about the who/what/why, rather than listening to the actual people involved saying what’s what.

      There’s a reason they don’t do play-by-play from the cheap bleachers by the beer tap.

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