And the animal activists are “shocked”

“Animal lovers say they were left shocked and have now branded the ‘savage’ bird a modern day dinosaur.” as video shows seagull eating a squirrel

WTF do they think happens every single day? Something eats something else. Some animals are hunters, others are prey. IN this case, I think it was a dead squirrel and a gull eating carrion. But whatever. This is the way of the world. Some things eat plankton and tiny bugs. Something eats those critters. Something bigger eats those. Other things eat plants, then become food themselves.

If animal activists are shocked then they simply haven’t been paying attention.

7 thoughts on “And the animal activists are “shocked”

  1. In Other News, eggs come from chickens (not Publix), milk comes from cows (not “some factory”), and food generally comes from farms (which are dusty and, in summer, are hot).

    As you said, not paying attention. As well as not generally very deep thinkers.

  2. These are the same people that think we don’t need to farm beef and pork because “you can get it at the store…”

  3. Disneyfication of Nature strikes again.

    Liberal idiots shocked by Reality; Film at 11, every night for the last 200 years..”

  4. “There’s a place for all God’s creatures, right next to the mashed taters and gravy.”

  5. Just wait until they find out that horses, deer, bison, just about any large herbivore eat small birds, insects and rodents.

    And seagulls… a shorter way of saying “Flying shit factory” or “Flying Rat of the Sea.”

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