Just leave your politics there….

Remember what led to the place you are moving from to be a shithole that you wanted to flee.

4 out of 10 Californians thinking about moving to another locale.

There’s a reason that people hate you if you move in from California.


Around here, it’s folks from Chicago. They come in, buy a home complain about the high prices, high taxes, high crime etc that made them leave,  then bitch that it isn’t like Chicago….not liberal enough, too conservative, complain about the lack of government services, the fact that they have to be somewhat self reliant (Compared to city living), etc.

We tell ’em to go back home. Often, after year or two, they do…..

7 thoughts on “Just leave your politics there….

  1. 5 out of 10 folks from California, aren’t Californians, and never were.
    Enjoy your retread gypsies from seven other places before they trashed this state and left it.

    And of course they’re bringing their politics when they come.
    That’s how Reagan Country became Califrutopia in a generation in the first place.

  2. California used to be a deep-red state… Then it was invaded by people from other states… and countries… What you see now is the result…

    …The rest of the country really has no room to talk here…

    • Nah, sorry, I don’t buy that. The Californians have been whackadoodle for over half a century. Y’all brought the issues upon yourselves and have kept it there.

      You took a state that was once great 70 years ago and filled it with shit.

      But keep it in your state, we don’t want your brand of crazy and don’t need your kind of economic doom.

      • “brought the issues upon yourselves”?
        “kept it there”??
        Google internal population shifts from 1950 to present, and then let’s talk about the purpling up of Texas and Florida.

        Despite imaginations running wild, California didn’t switch to Califrutopia from internal demographics, and if every Californian was as whackdoodle of Pelosi (Google where she’s from, while you’re up), there wouldn’t be enough of them to wreak even 5% of the havoc you imagine.

        This is overwhelmingly teeming imported hordes, courtesy of the GOPe in 49 other states, and the toothless banjo-playing kinfolk from those same other states.

        The internally-produced idiots aren’t enough to staff a moonbat music festival.

        Enjoy your relatives when they return to the family nest. And bring their illegal alien gardeners and nannies with them. They were gypsy locusts when they befouled this state, and they’ll be the exact same thing when they and their children rampage across the next 5 states they haven’t destroyed yet. And “Californian” neither coming, nor going.

        But destructive?
        You have no idea.

        • Feel free to give a cite showing your assertion.
          All I can find is population numbers and they really don’t reflect your statement, nor does it give ideological bent.

          • This took only one mouseclick to find:

            1) “From 1900 to 1950, California’s population rose from under 2 million to 10 million. It more than tripled in the last half of the century, reaching 34 million by 2000, and its growth rate was much higher than that of the rest of the United States.
            2) “Moreover, birth rates have hit record lows, after declining over several decades.
            3) “California’s population has become increasingly diverse.
            No race or ethnic group constitutes a majority of California’s population: 39% of Californians are Latino, 35% are white, 15% are Asian American or Pacific Islander, 5% are Black, 4% are multiracial,

            4)”More than half of young Californians (ages 24 and under) are Latino. Conversely, more than half of those 65 and older are white.
            5) “According to the 2021 American Community Survey, 27% of Californians are foreign born —twice the share in the rest of the nation (14%)
            6) “the PPIC Statewide Survey finds that conservatives are more likely to express a desire to leave the state.

            The migration to California staring after WWII is well-documented in 10,000 places, both in fact and fiction, from The Grapes Of Wrath to The Beverly Hillbillies.

            10 million mostly white Californians here in 1950 didn’t breed 25 million more latino, asian, black, and mixed-race Californians by 2000.
            Those 25 million moved here from other states, and other countries, like most of the Turd World.
            Thanks, Teddy Kennedy.

            It’s the only way you flip a state from hardcore conservative to flaming moonbat in a generation, as I and countless others watched live, with our own eyes, in our lifetimes.

            And any actual “Californians” leaving here are overwhelmingly likely to be conservatives, sick of the mess it’s become.

            You and countless others are bitching not about Californians moving in, but about your ne’er-do-well cousins moving there from NYFC, Chicongo, Bahstun, and 50 other liberal sh*tholes who came here from there, or the crayon-eating basement dwelling misfits you drove out of Bugtussle in their youth because “they never fit in”, who came here for the sun and free welfare, had 5 kids, fornicated the whole state up, and are now fleeing this newly-minted homeless crap pile*, to come to your digs next, for the next conservative low-tax bonanza just waiting to be their new litter box. (Texas and Florida, call your office.)

            *(And btw, California’s “homeless” problem? Overwhelmingly addicts, somewhere on the endless wheel of “drunk-because-drugged-because-crazy-because-drunk-because-“, with social security numbers that demonstrate they were born somewhere – indeed, usually everywhere – else than here. And other states ship them here to get rid of their own, and we’re somehow stuck with them. Thanks a pantload. If we ever elected a governor with the balls to ship anyone homeless back to their state of origin, Like Abbott sending illegals to Boston and NYFC, 49 other states caught shipping them here would have apoplexy and piss themselves on national TV. I should live so long as to see that sight.)

  3. That data is easy. Demographics I could find (as I mentioned)

    Proving that they were all liberals, not so much. At that point it becomes conjecture.

    Again, not saying you are wrong, but you can’t prove it one way or the other.
    Proving that all the liberals came from other states and fucked up Kalifornia is kinda hard innit? You assume data not in evidence, not even in your link.

    You claim it happened in generation. Maybe. But that change couldn’t have all come at once, nor entirely from outside. Y’all were crazy liberal from well before WWII. The folks who moved in from elsewhere just added to it.

    Either way, your state is fucked now and those Kaliforians who are leaving (descendants of folks who moved there or not) are now screwing the rest of us. And it’s mostly Urbans who are doing it, not the farmers.

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