There is something very wrong with these people as a whole…

I mean, THEY (muslims) have no problem with defiling another culture’s religious or other symbols. They see no reason to get upset when a muslim destroys a thousand year old buddha statue, or any of the thousands of other defilements that htey have perpetrated in my lifetime. :Because Islam,:

But they DEMAND that their symbols be treated with respect.

And they, as individuals and as a culture go batshit crazy when someone does something like placing bacon in the pages of a Koran and burning it. I admit it is insulting, but these people go fukking insane when someone pulls a stupid stunt like that.

I know several individuals who are like that, They cannot judge their own behavior based upon how they treat others. There is only Their Way. In some ways it is arrogance, in other ways I think they are psychotic and should be considered somewhat dangerous.

So too the Muslims who riot at the tiniest perceived insult to Islam, even unto killing people for revenge. They hide it for a while, but their madness shows itself periodically. Sadly, at this point, I’m thinking anyone from that culture should be disarmed and contained, really.

6 thoughts on “There is something very wrong with these people as a whole…

  1. Or maybe Christians need to get a little more upset about people that offend their God.

  2. Ever notice you could substitute democrat for Muslim and the sentence would read the same?

  3. Muslims being muslims…sounds just like communists. Who respect nobody and nothing except THEIR belief system and agenda. The solution go dealing with both groups is the same.

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