I must confess

So there I was, putting my stuff back in my pockets and putting my belt and shoes on after passing through the TSA checkpoint.

And, behind me in the line is some poor middle aged woman getting hand searched after triggering something on the  machine she had passed through.

And another TSA woman was gathering up her bins of stuff from the belt after passing through the scanner.

And I’m thinking”Poor lady, you can tell she’s a terrorist looking person” as she is taken away for further inspection, looking terrified.

And I, helplessly,watched it happen.

I am part of the problem with this country.

GWB should be hung for letting this happen.

Where was I??

Sorry, I was out for a few days. 
I had a bit of fun, and some stuff is more important than other stuff. 
Lemme get caught up and Blogging will resume shortly. 

Well, that sucks

So I got my new ADS-B transponder installed.

I have a reservation for a $500 rebate. Which is nice, since the equipment and installation cost $4500. (I knew this cost when I bought the plane, and figured the installation cost when I made an offer).

So, today, perfect VFR weather. Skies clear to above 25,000 feet, visibility greater than 10 miles.

One of the requirements of getting the $500 rebate from the FedGov is a “validation flight”.

One must have at least 30 minutes of “Mauevering Flight” in class C or better airspace to “validate” the installation…. “Manuevering Flight” is, however, undefined.

That was the flight I did today. I flew around the outer shelf of a class C airport for 1.1 hours plus a bunch of class E and G airspace…total time 1.6 hours. No, ATC doesn’t have a defined route nor any procedure in place for ADS-B validation requirements….I asked. So I did turns, climbs, descents touch and goes and straight and level. ATC wasn’t thrilled.

And I just got my report. Not good enough.

Thing is, apparently LOTS of people are having this same issue. Yes, the system sees you. Yes, we fly the areas. Yes, we met the time limits. And No, sorry, not enough. Try again.

But it is kinda hard to meet requirements when the standards are undefined.

At this rate, I’ve burned $110 dollars worth of fuel failing to meet those undefined standards.

Gonna go do touch and goes and REALLY piss off the ATC folks tomorrow.

At this rate the fuel is gonna cost more than the rebate. 

Because they don’t care enough to check

Seems that the Media is decrying the terrible fate of all those poor people who are doing their taxes and are finding out that, while they got an overall reduction in taxes, they failed to bother to look at their payroll deductions and now aren’t getting as large a tax return (although other, more credible news outlets claim that tax refunds are up a tiny bit over last year.

It is, of course, Trump’s fault.

It’s his fault that they never learned how it works. That tax time is merely a time to settle up your accounts. To determine if you paid too much, or too little over the previous year. (Perhaps it is the fault of the schools that don’t teach this?? I dunno. I learned it school, but I am old)

All of a sudden, the media is trying to make Trump look bad, again, because some folks can’t manage their tax burden. Because they, apparently (and I heard this many times from folks who worked for me) “I don’t pay taxes….I get money back every year! “

I don’t, in case you haven’t figured it out, feel sorry for folks that are that ignorant of how things work.


Seems that Jussie turned hisself in this AM for charges of Disorderly COnduct and Filing a False Police Report.

Apparently this opens him up to paying the entire costs of the investigation.

Toldya this “attack” was bullshit.

Plus, apparently, there are possible Federal Hate Crime charges because of another prank using the mail.

Poor Jussie. He got a lot more than he bargained for. One would have thought he’d be a lot smarter than this.

How many of those folks who told us how terrible whites are are gonna apologize for paining us all with the Racism: brush?

Again: if it weren’t for staged “racist” “Hate Crimes” there would be almost none.

You heard it here first:

I overheard a conversation the other day postulating that Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is gonna be the next creation of the DNC machine. Pretty hard to argue with the parallels. And the formula works:

Yep, just like Barry Obama, she’s being groomed to be the next DNC front runner as President.

It worked with the Black population of the US, and it worked with the more liberal voters in general. White Folks couldn’t vote for him fast enough in order to prove they weren’t racist and stuff like that.

It is possible that Ocosio-Cortez will be the same sort of thing…

She is hispanic, Female. Not really too bright. But photogenic and she appeals to the darker (black) and the latinos (brown) folks  and women…important voter blocks for the Dems….

The formula worked with Barry Obama. Similar profile. He was perhaps better educated, but not really that intelligent. But for many, he was a well spoken Black man and that was good enough to vote for because We Aren’t Racist and We Vote Democratic. And he DID energize the Black votes for the DNC. And lots of DNC white types were surprised to find a black man who spoke good english….And were willing to vote for him based on that low a bar. Because Not Racist.

Might be that they try the same formula with Alexandria. It worked once.

President’s day

Another Federal Holiday modified to give the federal (and usually State) workers a three day weekend.

Moveable Holidays should be abolished. Pick a day (or, in this case, days) and then either celebrate on that day, or don’t.

I’m surprised we haven’t made Christmas a moveable holiday.



Since Jussie Smollett committed a “hate Crime” against himself, does he get charged with said “Hate Crime”?

Does he get the extra penalties connected with a crime that is deemed a “Hate Crime”?

I mean, if you or I had done such a crime….one that was racially, sexual preference or politically motivated, we’d get extra penalties….shouldn’t he? 

Or will they just hope to sweep this under the rug?