Well, that sucks

So I got my new ADS-B transponder installed.

I have a reservation for a $500 rebate. Which is nice, since the equipment and installation cost $4500. (I knew this cost when I bought the plane, and figured the installation cost when I made an offer).

So, today, perfect VFR weather. Skies clear to above 25,000 feet, visibility greater than 10 miles.

One of the requirements of getting the $500 rebate from the FedGov is a “validation flight”.

One must have at least 30 minutes of “Mauevering Flight” in class C or better airspace to “validate” the installation…. “Manuevering Flight” is, however, undefined.

That was the flight I did today. I flew around the outer shelf of a class C airport for 1.1 hours plus a bunch of class E and G airspace…total time 1.6 hours. No, ATC doesn’t have a defined route nor any procedure in place for ADS-B validation requirements….I asked. So I did turns, climbs, descents touch and goes and straight and level. ATC wasn’t thrilled.

And I just got my report. Not good enough.

Thing is, apparently LOTS of people are having this same issue. Yes, the system sees you. Yes, we fly the areas. Yes, we met the time limits. And No, sorry, not enough. Try again.

But it is kinda hard to meet requirements when the standards are undefined.

At this rate, I’ve burned $110 dollars worth of fuel failing to meet those undefined standards.

Gonna go do touch and goes and REALLY piss off the ATC folks tomorrow.

At this rate the fuel is gonna cost more than the rebate. 

2 thoughts on “Well, that sucks

  1. That is why the first FAA go at this only got 3000 to 5000 rebates. That was out of 15000 available rebates. Not worth the effort.

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