Because they don’t care enough to check

Seems that the Media is decrying the terrible fate of all those poor people who are doing their taxes and are finding out that, while they got an overall reduction in taxes, they failed to bother to look at their payroll deductions and now aren’t getting as large a tax return (although other, more credible news outlets claim that tax refunds are up a tiny bit over last year.

It is, of course, Trump’s fault.

It’s his fault that they never learned how it works. That tax time is merely a time to settle up your accounts. To determine if you paid too much, or too little over the previous year. (Perhaps it is the fault of the schools that don’t teach this?? I dunno. I learned it school, but I am old)

All of a sudden, the media is trying to make Trump look bad, again, because some folks can’t manage their tax burden. Because they, apparently (and I heard this many times from folks who worked for me) “I don’t pay taxes….I get money back every year! “

I don’t, in case you haven’t figured it out, feel sorry for folks that are that ignorant of how things work.

2 thoughts on “Because they don’t care enough to check

  1. "All of a sudden, the media is trying to make Trump look bad…"

    The MSM doesn't seem to get it; it's not working. You can't cover the smell of bullshit with more bullshit.

    'Nuff said…

  2. One of the liberal rags reported that people weren't happy their refund wasn't as big. Some acknowledged getting more in their weakly checks, but would rather have a bigger refund. I guess the idiots don't realize ideally, you want to balance at the end of the year, not give Uncle Sam an interest free loan. In any case, if someone is stupid enough, and I know a few, that they truly want bigger checks at the end of the year, all they need do is fill out a new w4 form to withhold more. It is truly ignorant, but it is an option. Meanwhile, the liberal media is pushing the false narrative that we are making less since our refunds are smaller. A few that I work with firmly believe that nonsense. I personally cleared a few grand more over the course of the year. My refund was down a bit, but my take home pay was way up. I also don't need to itemize deductions as the personal exemption exceeds my interest payments, so filing is way easier now. Sorry, I don't see a downside, but no need to worry, the media and liberals are manufacturing one.

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