Seems that Jussie turned hisself in this AM for charges of Disorderly COnduct and Filing a False Police Report.

Apparently this opens him up to paying the entire costs of the investigation.

Toldya this “attack” was bullshit.

Plus, apparently, there are possible Federal Hate Crime charges because of another prank using the mail.

Poor Jussie. He got a lot more than he bargained for. One would have thought he’d be a lot smarter than this.

How many of those folks who told us how terrible whites are are gonna apologize for paining us all with the Racism: brush?

Again: if it weren’t for staged “racist” “Hate Crimes” there would be almost none.

One thought on “charged

  1. He's going to be "morale gear" in prison…

    …Unfortunately, he'll probably like it…

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