You heard it here first:

I overheard a conversation the other day postulating that Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is gonna be the next creation of the DNC machine. Pretty hard to argue with the parallels. And the formula works:

Yep, just like Barry Obama, she’s being groomed to be the next DNC front runner as President.

It worked with the Black population of the US, and it worked with the more liberal voters in general. White Folks couldn’t vote for him fast enough in order to prove they weren’t racist and stuff like that.

It is possible that Ocosio-Cortez will be the same sort of thing…

She is hispanic, Female. Not really too bright. But photogenic and she appeals to the darker (black) and the latinos (brown) folks  and women…important voter blocks for the Dems….

The formula worked with Barry Obama. Similar profile. He was perhaps better educated, but not really that intelligent. But for many, he was a well spoken Black man and that was good enough to vote for because We Aren’t Racist and We Vote Democratic. And he DID energize the Black votes for the DNC. And lots of DNC white types were surprised to find a black man who spoke good english….And were willing to vote for him based on that low a bar. Because Not Racist.

Might be that they try the same formula with Alexandria. It worked once.

5 thoughts on “You heard it here first:

  1. That all may be true – and then again, she could burn out and disappear from the spotlight. But…even if that happens, I'm sure that they'd find someone similar.

  2. I am hopeful AOC is going to crash and burn. Her as president would be beyond scary. She is dumber than a box of rocks, but, that doesn't seem to matter to the democrats.

  3. I think Obama cured a lot of people of "voting black…"

  4. She's not LEGALLY old enough; when has that ever stopped liberals?

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