I must confess

So there I was, putting my stuff back in my pockets and putting my belt and shoes on after passing through the TSA checkpoint.

And, behind me in the line is some poor middle aged woman getting hand searched after triggering something on the  machine she had passed through.

And another TSA woman was gathering up her bins of stuff from the belt after passing through the scanner.

And I’m thinking”Poor lady, you can tell she’s a terrorist looking person” as she is taken away for further inspection, looking terrified.

And I, helplessly,watched it happen.

I am part of the problem with this country.

GWB should be hung for letting this happen.

3 thoughts on “I must confess

  1. Just stop flying commercial airlines. If just a small percentage of people would quit, the airlines would put a stop to the Kabuki theater of the TSA. Flights are only profitable when they are full.

    We can make a difference. There is no need to line up and be treated like criminals.

  2. And that's why I learned to fly. When I get the rest of my training, I'm gonna buy a faste enough airplane that I no longer need commercial flight.

    And that will then be that.

    Until then though, I gotta fly with the rest.

    But the fact (and the point of the post is) that some lady was searched and terrorized and that NO ONE, including me, did anything about it is the issue. In a just world, we'd have beaten the TSA senseless for such indignities.

  3. GWB may have signed it into existence, but remember the driving forces behind the TSA was the DNC congresscritters and their controllers.

    GWB coulda grown a set, but Congress would have created a work-around, and we would have had BHO or HRC in 2004.

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