Why is it

That it is only the Republicans (and especially Tea Party Republicans) that are blamed for their intransigence?

What about the Democrats who won’t compromise….who pushed an unpopular government program down the throats of the unwilling populace? Who won’t allow any spending cuts to be made to any socialist government aid programs? To any of the (spit) entitlement programs….to any of the “Green” boondoggles?

While neither party has covered themselves in glory in the past few years, both are at fault for the mess in which they find themselves.

Seems to me that the Democrats have turned down several budgets before this latest one….and only this latest defunds Obamacare. Seems to me that the DNC controlled Senate is the stoppage here.


Watching NBC Nightly “News” is….interesting.

The choice of descriptors when discussing the pending government shutdown is significant.

Once again, any pretense of lack of bias is being tossed to the wind.

It is sad. There is no pretense of NEWS….only liberal propaganda. Pravda is a better source of unbiased news.

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I really have no issue if the congress can’t find common ground on a budget and the Government shuts down.

Really, that is the way things are supposed to work.

If the opposition can muster enough votes to de-fund the Affordable Care Act ObamaCare scam, then I hope that they do so.

It’s not like the DNC and Obama have ever had a plan that addresses the issues we are facing with our deficit….Nor have they ever really planned on working to resolve those issues except by raising taxes and cutting military spending while increasing handouts to those already dependant on the State already and spending more and more on Green boondoggles to enrich their campaign donors. As far as I know, the Democrats haven’t brought a budget for in excess of 1500 days, which I see as illegal.

Negotiation generally means compromise, which means each side being willing to give something up.

And Barry and the DNC haven’t been willing to bend at all. Nor have they passed (or proposed) a budget to fund any part of government.And until they do pass a spending resolution, they cannot legally spend any money.

Until they do so, the federal government SHOULD be shut down.

SO, really, despite the fact that many government workers will not be paid….What is the issue? If the government shuts down, what, really, will be damaged? Where, exactly, is the downside if you are not dependant on the government for a living? What will we, as non government workers and non dependant on the Federal government actually lose?

Oh, and

Despite the general business of my life, Karl Ushanka and Mrs Ushanka did stop by Friday and forced me to stop working so that they could buy me lunch.

Mrs. Ushanka is as nice as Mr., and as witty and sharp… Plus much better looking. He got lucky there…..

We had a good lunch and a great conversation. I’d like to spend more time with both of them, but geography and time constraints currently preclude that.

Thanks for lunch folks.A very nice break in an otherwise busy day.


Appleseed day 1.

No patch for me.
Might have gotten there if the 10-22 hadn’t disliked the Federal target ammo (which was all I could find). Had I known, I would have broken into the emergency stash of CCI Standard that I have.
Had to use the Savage Mark II. The bolt slowed me down, and I had to rush the last 3 targets.

And I don’t have time to attend the second day.
Maybe next year.

I’ll likely attend another.

I did have fun, and it was a good review of the basics that I learned a LONG time ago. 

Hide your money!??!

Seems that governments all over the world are using private savings to prop up their economies.

ANd the press isn’t saying much about it. So far.
Despite the flowery phrases used to describe the actions, this is theft. Pure and simple theft. How long until this happens here in the US? Then what?

WHile my retirement saving s aren’t going to let me retire with  enough money to let me have my own private island and a plane to get to and from there, the money I have in IRA’s and such is MONE. I will determine how the funds are invested….not some bureaucrat.

I’m not so sure that I want to invest anymore in IRA’s or other banking based  retirement savings.

I’d say more, but that might get me in trouble, so I won’t…besides, I gotta go finish packing up for my Appleseed class.

THat might come in handy for the not-to-distant future too.

There is hope

I’m still busy…..may not be able to take the time for the Appleseed shoot that I had planned on attending this Saturday…

But here is something that gives me hope for our country…Small, and probably insignificant, but still, a spark of hope that there are still values. Still some things that are good in our society.

Not the fact that the kids were suspended from playing, but that the parents and community chose to support the coaches in this disciplinary action.

Shakin’ the bushes heah, boss…

Yeah, been a bit busy. 

Only 24 hours in the day lately.

Not much time for perusing the web for links, nor for original thought.

Did spend Saturday at the range…but not shooting. Instead worked with other men to repair the 40 year old infrastructure. Not a bad turnout: nearly 20% of the members actually showed to help. And they came prepared to work….gloves, basic hand tools and such.

Other than that, my yard looks like it belongs to a bank repossessed home, and I am behind in everything.

Blogging will likely continue to suffer for a while.

Go read the folks on the left.

Perhaps we should ban cops too….

Park shooting shows why assault guns should be banned

Cops abuse helpless victims

So because some whackjob from the south side of Chicago decides to light up the homeboys and their friends, all guns, especially AK and AR rifles, should be banned.

But even though it is easy to document abusive police officers, we “shouldn’t paint with a broad brush”.

The logic of liberals escapes me…

Note: South side of Chicago. This is the area where 2-6 people a NIGHT are shot, and more are stabbed or beaten…every night. Not all residents of the area are bad, but it is an area which is a….”“high gang conflict area”. 

And one would wonder why a three year old, a 15 year old and a 17 year old are in a park at 10:15 pm…on a school night. And those are just the one who didn’t duck fast enough. How many other lids were out late on a school night?
And really, if the rest of the victims had a job, or were even trying to get one, they’d not be shootin’ hoops that late at night either. 
The issue isn’t guns. The issue that no one wants to talk about or admit is that it is the people…the culture….This generally doesn’t happen in the more norther areas of Chicago. Less welfare, less drugs, less gangs. You figure it out.