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I really have no issue if the congress can’t find common ground on a budget and the Government shuts down.

Really, that is the way things are supposed to work.

If the opposition can muster enough votes to de-fund the Affordable Care Act ObamaCare scam, then I hope that they do so.

It’s not like the DNC and Obama have ever had a plan that addresses the issues we are facing with our deficit….Nor have they ever really planned on working to resolve those issues except by raising taxes and cutting military spending while increasing handouts to those already dependant on the State already and spending more and more on Green boondoggles to enrich their campaign donors. As far as I know, the Democrats haven’t brought a budget for in excess of 1500 days, which I see as illegal.

Negotiation generally means compromise, which means each side being willing to give something up.

And Barry and the DNC haven’t been willing to bend at all. Nor have they passed (or proposed) a budget to fund any part of government.And until they do pass a spending resolution, they cannot legally spend any money.

Until they do so, the federal government SHOULD be shut down.

SO, really, despite the fact that many government workers will not be paid….What is the issue? If the government shuts down, what, really, will be damaged? Where, exactly, is the downside if you are not dependant on the government for a living? What will we, as non government workers and non dependant on the Federal government actually lose?

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  1. Every day we are shut down is a day we aren't borrowing from China:)

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