Shakin’ the bushes heah, boss…

Yeah, been a bit busy. 

Only 24 hours in the day lately.

Not much time for perusing the web for links, nor for original thought.

Did spend Saturday at the range…but not shooting. Instead worked with other men to repair the 40 year old infrastructure. Not a bad turnout: nearly 20% of the members actually showed to help. And they came prepared to work….gloves, basic hand tools and such.

Other than that, my yard looks like it belongs to a bank repossessed home, and I am behind in everything.

Blogging will likely continue to suffer for a while.

Go read the folks on the left.

2 thoughts on “Shakin’ the bushes heah, boss…

  1. And you fuss at me when I don't call you and ask for help. YOU should be asking for help. Dork.

    Got enough wood? I'm ok at present, do we need to have another fall splitting party?

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