Perhaps we should ban cops too….

Park shooting shows why assault guns should be banned

Cops abuse helpless victims

So because some whackjob from the south side of Chicago decides to light up the homeboys and their friends, all guns, especially AK and AR rifles, should be banned.

But even though it is easy to document abusive police officers, we “shouldn’t paint with a broad brush”.

The logic of liberals escapes me…

Note: South side of Chicago. This is the area where 2-6 people a NIGHT are shot, and more are stabbed or beaten…every night. Not all residents of the area are bad, but it is an area which is a….”“high gang conflict area”. 

And one would wonder why a three year old, a 15 year old and a 17 year old are in a park at 10:15 pm…on a school night. And those are just the one who didn’t duck fast enough. How many other lids were out late on a school night?
And really, if the rest of the victims had a job, or were even trying to get one, they’d not be shootin’ hoops that late at night either. 
The issue isn’t guns. The issue that no one wants to talk about or admit is that it is the people…the culture….This generally doesn’t happen in the more norther areas of Chicago. Less welfare, less drugs, less gangs. You figure it out. 

2 thoughts on “Perhaps we should ban cops too….

  1. No way. I remember that it was Clinton's plan for inner city kids to play basketball at midnight to stop crime.

  2. DM beat me to it, And it's not working out real well is it???

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