If only the police would spend the effort on every gang shooting in Chicago

Hell, half the effort for that matter….

I mean, they could put a lot of gang members behind bars and probably actually DO something about the rising crime.

Police make arrests in shooting that killed 8 year old girl.

But despite it all, the fact is that a family now has to deal with the senseless death of a child. All the charges and convictions won’t fix that. It could have been avoided if the criminals had been in jail.

Of course the shooter and his wheelman each had lots of other crimes of violence…like carjacking and such. But they were out on the street because Chicago is soft on crime in order to be fair and equitable to minorities and all that other bullshit. And because they were out on the street a little girl is dead. And despite all the cries of racism and all that, we must face one fact: most (not all) of these crimes are committed by people with lots of melanin in their skin. Fact. Deal with it.

It’s almost as if the folks in charge want anarchy and lawlessness….they couldn’t do much more to make it that way unless they pulled the police entirely.


Because race and gender matter more than anything else……

This is exactly what is wrong with Liberals:

The White House signaled Wednesday that President Joe Biden remains committed to nominating the first Black woman to the Supreme Court, after a well-placed source familiar with the matter told CNN that Justice Stephen Breyer plans to retire.

Look: I don’t know if there are qualified judges that happen to be black and female (whatever “Female” means these days). I am not up on judges, and am not qualified to make that judgement. I am sure that there are a fair number of accomplished judges that happen to be female, and likely some of them are black…

But when the most important thing is Gender and Race, then your priorities are wrong.

First thing I want is a judge, especially a supreme court judge, that is competent…then one that is not activist (neither for the Right nor the Left)….one that applies the LAW, and the Constitution….then, and only then should her or his ancestry and plumbing become important. Things like religion and sexual preference should not matter at all, as long as they can apply the law and the Constitution.

But then again, I am not a Liberal, so my thinking isn’t colored by emotion and overshadowed by things like race and gender….


ETA: For an example of why putting Race and Gender over qualifications and competence, take a look at the mayors of Blue cities…Chicago, New Orleans, Detroit, etc. They all had “underrepresented Minorities” pushed by the Liberals…financed and essentially elected by those Liberals….and now they are shitholes or on their way to being shitholes. Financially socially and crimewise, they are failing…the citizens betrayed so the Liberals could get a Black Man or a Woman or a Black woman or a Gay woman (all that seemed to matter was one of more of the correct boxed could be checked….Competence came third or farther on the list of qualifications…. Apparently we have a similar situation here with our soon to be appointed Supreme Court Justice.

Yep, that’s the threat….

Domestic violent right wing extremists plot to disrupt, damage US power supply. 


Hint for the Feebies and the Biden Admin:

The ones who talk about it online are not the ones you need to worry about. (a good chance they are the ATF talking to the US Marshalls about recruiting the FBI anyway) and the ones you don’t know about won’t do it for fun, only for a good reason, and you’ll never know about them until it happens…. and they do it in the opening phases of the real Insurrection. And all your folks won’t stop it.

They are less of a threat than you folks might think. They like their electricity and the comforts it brings. If they shut down your grid, it’ll be because you went to war on them.

If only law enforcement would focus on actual, imminent, threats rather than making them up.

Minus twelve

Fahrenheit, of course.

Coldest day of the season so far.

But the woodstove does such a great job of keeping the house warm.

I didn’t linger outside.




Sorry, but “NO”

Ukraine is about to get itself invaded by Russia (Biden pretty much gave the green light  Putin a few days ago)…..and I feel really sorry for the citizens of Ukraine…


But they chose not to become part of NATO, and the US should not enter that conflict…..Again, I feel for the people of Ukraine, but their elected leaders have made the choice….

If their neighbors think that there needs to be some intervention, let THEM take action. If the other NATO nations feel the need, let them feel free to enter the fray (hint: Most NATO nations have neither the personnel nor the materiel (nor the budget) to wage a conflict of any kind….they’ve been hiding behind the US’s skirts for decades) and could easily be defeated by even small countries like Nambibia….

The US has no real interests in Ukraine, and none worth our military boys and girls dying for. Unfair for the Ukrainian people. perhaps, but there it is.

Let Europe deal with the invader…if any of them have the ability.

Happy Birthday JMB

John Moses Browning was born on this day in 1855.

Arguably the father of the modern handgun, his designs are relevant today, and nearly every handgun manufactured today is a derivation of his design.

His many rifles, shotguns, and weapons of war revolutionized the firearms industry, and many are still produced today.

What might a genius like him create today, with modern manufacturing techniques and methods…..Rather than the technique of the day….which was “Take a chunk of steel and carve away anything that doesn’t look like a gun”….? With modern materials?